A lot can be said about modernism.


The word modern can take on so many interpretations.  Every individual can have a different definition of what "modern" is. 


For example, If you handed me  my ipod that I got as a christmas gift in 2004, it would probably end up in the next waist receptacle I crossed paths with.  Even though it was the best christmas present ever, thanks again aunt Diana.


Now its not that I am an ungrateful nephew, it's just that the technology is so outdated I would have no use for the device. My cell phone, although I think it's extremely inaccurate to call them "phones," holds a thousand times more data than that iPod ever could.

Now if someone picked that same device up and handed it to my grandmother, she might think she had just stepped into the future.

The point I am trying convey is this, don't be reluctant to embrace change.  It is a fact that all things evolve and change is going to occur.  I like to think of that couch or chair your sitting on while reading this as my 2004 iPod.

Don't youi think it's time to do yourself a favor and allow your furniture to evolve?

Ezmod is the equivalent to the iPhone 5s, and your still using my prehistoric 2004 ipod.

So throw my iPod away and let Ezmod show you just how simple it can to stay in "Mod"

(Fun fact, after hinting I wanted that iPod for weeks before Christmas came, I lost it the second weekend of owning it. But gosh those were a fun two weeks. I know you love your sofa, but we all have to let go sometimes)


Its never been so EZ to stay in MOD.