Since moving to California I have noticed that not having a basement can really hinder your storage options. When I lived back east basements were where all the things that didn’t fit in the rest of the house would get put. Everything from holiday décor to outdated appliances, totes of outgrown baby clothes and boxes of books. The things we hold on to for who knows what? But now I live in a basement less home and my storage option are limited. Time to de-clutter before I run out of space!

I have noticed that many of my neighbors use their garage as a storage room and park their car outside the garage. This makes no sense to me, a garage is for cars, not junk. Driving around my cul-de-sac is like a Sunday at the swap meet. Luckily, my husband uses our garage as a workshop so I cannot fill it to the rafters with stuff because it is filled already with a large table, tools and materials. So that leaves me with no excuses for hoarding. I have researched some ways to reduce the accumulation of general things around the house. Professional organizers all say the same thing, “start small” a few minutes each day can go a long way to see a big change. Pick a small area like a countertop and have that be your goal to clean it off and then the key is to not clutter it again. Using decorative baskets to separate paperwork or a file cabinet with files for school, banking, bills, medical etc. help to keep things organized for the future. As you move on and clear your counters, cabinets and floors of clutter make those areas a clutter-free zone. Resist the urge to re clutter with new, unnecessary items by waiting at least 30 days to purchase a non-essential item for your home. When you do make a purchase consider buying something that helps with organization. There are many products out there for just this purpose. Ezmod Furniture carries many dual purpose pieces of furniture that can add extra storage where you would least expect it. The Armeena Linen Modern Storage Bed is especially designed to give you extra space underneath the bed with six large drawers that take up no extra room. If you love knick knacks and need a display area try the Nelson Dark Brown Storage Tower, once it’s filled your collection is complete. Another great option is furniture that has a dual purpose as seating as well as storage, like the Morocco Storage Stool and the Agustus Leather Storage Ottoman. There are many ways to save space you just need to remember to keep it EZ!

Truly, Kristin M