Let's face it men, 

when it comes to keeping up with contemporary design we are fallin far behind, and fast, 

Especially compared to our lovely female counterparts.

And I don't just mean furniture.  


When was the last time you went over to a male friend or

family members house and were blown away by the interior upkeep?  If you can even recall one

circumstance then you have me beat.  It seems like men have conceeded the war when it comes to 

which gender is the more trendy and fashion savvy.  


I'm getting a little tired of having to consult my female friends/coworkers when it comes to inquiring 

on which color of couch to choose, what painting sets the best mood, or even what colors mesh well together.

Now don't get me wrong a lot of it has to do with my own lack of "eye"deas when it comes to making a room 

feel homey.  I'll admit I just moved out of a place that I had been renting for almost two years and the walls were

just as white (no pictures, paintings, art deco) as the day I moved in.  


Now maybe our male friends don't notice the horrible designs, color themes, and artwork (or lackthereof) that creative the vibe 

within your living quarters. But I can almost guarentee the women in your life do.  Wouldn't it be nice to make your guests feel 

as if they had just stepped into a different era, continent, or planet when they open your door? Part of the responsibility that

comes with having your own place is creating an atmosphere that reflects who you are, and what comforts you.


So we need to start holding ourselves accountable as men when it comes to the wide world of fashion, whether it's our clothes,

interior design, or what colors are trendy.  In order to stop this stereotype that "men have no eye for fashion/design" we need

to work together and make an effort to stay current with contemporary trends.  So the next time you go over to your buddies 

place and notice a Joe Montana poster is the main piece of art, maybe you ought to have a little chat with him about

advancing the male design chromosome, because women are leaving us in the dust.