You do not have to be wealthy to be able to have a stylish, well-designed home or office.  EZ Mod Furniture makes it both easy and affordable to fill your living room, dining room, office or bedroom with chic modern classic furniture.  EZ Mod is proud to offer reproductions of some of the most well-known and admired modern furniture designs. 

For the living room, consider the sleek look of Swiss-French architect and modern furniture design superstar Le Corbusier.  His three seat sofa has, in many ways, defined modern classic furniture style.  Whereas traditional sofas come with plush, rounded arms and backrests, Le Corbusier broke the sofa down into its functional components:  cushions supported by a frame.  The result is a straight-lined sofa that is composed of stream-lined, square cushions supported by a tubular stainless steel frame that still manages to be a comfortable place to sit.  While most furniture retailers would sell you this popular piece for a whopping $1,119, EZ Mod makes it affordable at just $819.

If it is extra seating you need, consider the molded plastic rocking chairs reproduced from the inspired modern classic furniture designs of Charles and Ray Eames.  This husband and wife team was known for their innovative use of materials and color and the rocking chair shows this off spectacularly.  EZ Mod Furniture carries this unusual plastic-seated rocking chair in four different colors to suit your room’s color scheme, with intricate chrome steel wire tube legs and a solid ash wood base for smooth rocking. 

If you’ve been searching for a sleek new dining room set, then the “Tulip” chairs and matching table are a great find.  Reproduced from the work of Finnish American architect and modern classic furniture designer Eero Saarinen, the fiberglass-topped table comes in either 35” size or 47” size, with coordinating Tulip chairs available in either white or black molded plastic with red or black removable seat cushions.  The Tulip chairs in particular have been featured in television and film because of their futuristic look and their innovative use of plastic.  While the Tulip dinner table would set you back as much as $990 at other stores, EZ Mod offers it at the much more budget friendly $495.  The matching chairs would cost you nearly $300 at most modern classic furniture stores, but EZ Mod offers them at the highly discounted price of $175 each. 

Modern classic furniture design is not only within your reach but within your budget at EZ Mod furniture.  Visit our website today to find quality modern furniture reproductions at prices you can afford.