Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve noticed here at EzMod, that there has been quite a hot item for so many rooms and has been a perfect shower gift for mothers to or a birthday gift for a nursery. We have Four colors to choose from: Green, white, red and a lovely baby blue.New materials, especially those that held promise for doing more with less, fascinated the Eameses thoughout their careers. Plastic was no exception. They saw in it the chance to form organic seat shells that conform to the body's shape. The Eameses adapted manufacturing techniques developed during World War II to mass-produce this design in side and armchair versions. As they typically did, the Eameses required that materials be expressed honestly and unselfconsciously so these were the first one-piece plastic chairs offered without upholstery or covering. Their enduring design and quality construction make them durable performers in many environments.With a grand sense of adventure, Charles and Ray Eames turned their curiosity and boundless enthusiasm into creations that established them as a truly great husband-and-wife design team. Their unique synergy led to a whole new look in furniture. Lean and modern. Playful and functional. Sleek, sophisticated, and beautifully simple. That was and is the "Eames look."

       - Heavy-duty plastic seat (matte finish)

       - Chromed steel support

       - Solid ash wood base

       - Rocking chair available in white, blue, red and green

       - Simple assembly required


"Who would say that pleasure is not useful?" -Charles Eames. We agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly!