Everybody knows the Bocca Sofa, used by numerous hotels and restaurants all over the world. But do you know its real history? Who created it, redesigned it…?

We decided to investigate a little further and discovered some interesting things.


Original Design by Dali

The Bocca history started back in 1936 with Salvador Dali. It was first edited by the Italian designer, Gufram. Influenced by two artistic movements, the Dadaism and Surrealism mouvements, Dali was impressed by the lips of Mae West, an American actress from the 1930′s. Not only did Dali create the Sofa, he even reproduced the full body of Mae West through a complete room.

Remake by Studio 65 (We have our reproductions to this particular model)

Over the years, this sofa has held various names: first called Sofa Mae West, it became the Bocca or Lips Sofa. It is considered an emblem of contemporary art. Despite being a unique piece of art, in 1971 The Studio 65, an Italian design and architect company, decided to produce 1 000 copies of the sofa as a tribute to Salvador Dali by using the lips of Marylin Monroe. This version is the one which is now used in several hotels, including the Costes K Hotel in Paris.

Porcelain version by Bertrand Lavier

The latest version of this mythical sofa is

La Bocca

version, created by Bertrand Lavier in 2006. For the

Contrepoint, De l’objet d’art à la sculpture, porcelaines contemporaines

exhibition in The Louvres Museum, Bertrand Lavier collaborated with the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres to create a

porcelain version of the Sofa

combining tradition (Sèvres Porcelain) and innovation (Salvador Dali).