With so many seating choices in a room it is hard to know the differences between them. These days accent chairs serve as sort of an accessory in the room.  They are not the main seating in the room.  Accent chairs are mainly utilized for decorative purposes and to bring out and compliment other furniture pieces.  As the name of the chair implies, it is a chair to accent a room, yet provide occasional seating.  It is said that an accent chair can be any living room chair depending upon how you use it in your design.  You can make any chair an accent chair based on what you upholster it with.  You can dress it with a very stylish and patterned fabric that accentuates or enlivens the room.   

Club chairs on the other hand are for longer durations of sitting.  They were initially made in France and used in England in Gentlemen’s clubs.  They are traditionally made in leather.  The Club Chair is lower to the ground and has a low back and arm rests.

Wing Back Chairs are more traditional looking and were designed to keep the drafts at a minimum for the occupant of the chair. Lounge Chairs are more for relaxing and placing your feet up.  A slipper chair is an upholstered chair that sits lower to the ground and doesn’t have arms.