We are on our way to becoming like the Jetson’s in our home, not that it is a bad thing. Technology makes things easier and more efficient. Hunter Douglas has motorized blinds and window shades and has had them for years. This technology is great for people with mobility issues. Problem is that people with mobility issues tend to be the elderly and sometimes technology and the elderly can be like oil and water. Some elderly embrace the technology, while others fear it. All that is needed in this situation is for a caring and patient person to read the instructions, learn how to use it themselves and then teach them. It is simple or you can install a system that will integrate everything with central control and you can remotely control things or have the system programmed for you. Another example of technology for the home is timers for lights. I just saw on TV a few days ago an advertisement for an app for Smartphones that can control the lights and door locks. Your coffee maker can be timed to brew at a preset time. With the invention of the computers, anything is possible. Somewhere in the world they are making robots that can do the housework for you. Of course let’s not forget the entertainment or media center. Everything in that arena can be automated by remote control and speakers can be installed throughout the house. If you are on vacation you can program your TV and lights to turn on and off at specific times to give the illusion that someone is home. I especially like the use of solar panels to compensate for electricity use. Below is one such company that offers this type of installation. Here is a quote from a website called mysmarthomes.com. “Smart Homes offers Crestron Integrated Building Technology (IBT) as an intelligent platform that unifies all energy-consuming systems including HVAC, lighting, shades, AV, sprinklers, and more. Our system enables facility managers to monitor, manage and control all the technology throughout the entire facility, both centrally and globally.” This technology is ideal for the elderly especially. If you can afford it for your parents, then great, why not do something for them that simplifies their lives? Mysmarthomes.com is just one example of many that specialize in this. Companies like this one are pretty easy to find these days, especially using the technology you are using right now to read this.