There are few chair designs that can be called masterpieces that offer functionality and comfort as well. Our Pony Hide Plywood Lounge Chair is based on one of the most famous designs of all time, the Eames Molder Plywood Lounge Chair.

This Eames original has been hailed as the “most famous chair of the century” and we offer a high quality reproduction of that design. The Eames chair that was crafted in 1946 is so famous that it is permanently housed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Our Pony Hide Plywood Lounge Chair is characterized by its modern classic furniture design and is a great addition to any room or office lounge area. The chair is designed with comfort in mind; it is ergonomically designed and is crafted in such a way that it contours to the human body. The design of this chair is simple, but offers a stunning tinge of luxury to any room that it is placed in. Even thought the design is modest, it is one of the great designs of the twentieth century because it features ingenuity and warmth in any setting.

The pony hide that identifies this classic design is soft and smooth and is available in both natural color and black and white. In addition to its naturally cozy properties, the pony hide is upholstered with soft stretch fabric to ensure the highest level of comfort possible. Even though the chair offers unparalleled comfort, it also is extremely sturdy and is dependable for years. The birch plywood used in our chair is molded in a way that is exceptionally strong while remaining practical to rest on.

Ezmod Furniture is committed to providing customers with top of the line modern classic furniture that enhances the look and feel of any room or office. The Pony Hide Plywood Lounge Chair that we offer is one such item that adds a feel of nostalgia to any room or office that is drab and bland. This modern classic furniture design borrows from the past but looks toward the future in order to accent any living or work space with a touch of modernity.

Our Pony Hide Plywood Lounge Chair is an almost identical replica of the original and we offer it at below list price. And, just in time for the holidays, we are offering 10% off of any item in our store. Simply enter the coupon code HOL09 when checking out in order to enjoy the added savings on our modern classic furniture at