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At Ezmod Furniture, our selection of modern classic furniture is one of the best in the industry.  We also offer prices on all types of furniture that can save you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. 

One of the newest ways people are making full use of the space in their home, and saving money on entertainment, is by creating home theaters.  A home theater usually involves getting a very large screen television, a great sound system, a Blu-Ray player and theater seats.  These components make anyone’s living room go from a place to play Scrabble to a live in movie theater.  Home theaters have been all the rage for quite sometime, and Ezmod is helping homeowners and consumers get great deals on theater seats as well as on other modern classic furniture.

We offer three different seating arrangements and two different colors at prices that will blow your mind.  For example, you can get two Cannes Theater Seats in Black for just $850, which is $340 below the list price!  In fact, the more seats you get, the more you save!  Four seats are just $1,400, which is over $800 off the list price.  The seats come in brown and black to match whatever color scheme you have in your living room.

The Cannes Theater Seats are perfect for your living room or media room, contains plush polyurethane foam cushions and are easy to use recliners.  The even have cup holders to make your movie theater experience complete!

If you have chosen to build a home theater in your house, condo or town home, then the Cannes Theater Seats are the perfect choice.  They offer great quality, beautiful design and are available on Ezmod’s website for outrageously low prices.

Ezmod Furniture is America’s choice for modern classic furniture for every room in the house, apartment or office.  We provide reproductions that fit any aesthetic taste, any color scheme and at prices that will fit even the tightest budget.  If you are looking for high quality modern classic furniture, look no further than Ezmod.

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When it comes to modern classic furniture, people often have varying tastes.  Some people like plain, straight forward chairs and tables that aren’t particularly exotic or attention grabbing; others prefer incredibly unique dining room chairs that are both fascinating and out of this world.  Ezmod Furniture offers consumers both options, as well as chairs that fit somewhere in between.

The Plywood Lounge Chair with Pony Hide is a unique reproduction that can’t be matched.  The Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair is considered one of the most iconic pieces of mid-century wooden furniture, and one of the originals actually resides in a permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art.  It has been titled the “most famous chair of the century” by some.

Another dining room chair with an incredibly unique look and feel is the Casey Accent Chair.  This aluminum chair comes in black with chrome legs and is a one of a kind addition to any dining room.  As modern classic furniture goes, it doesn’t get any more modern than this.

For those looking for an item that is more classic than modern, the Tessa Microfiber Dining Chairs are elegant and tasteful additions to any dining room.  This chair has amazingly clean lines, as well as a soft, comfortable seating surface.  It has a neutral color, which is perfect for any décor, and is sold in sets of two.

Last, but never least, the Beroia Style Chair can make any dining room look elegant, unique and modern.  As modern classic furniture goes, the entire Harry Bertoia seating selection, which “first of its kind” wire rods is truly remarkable.  The color of the seating pads can be used to match any color scheme, with red, black and white all being options.  These wire chair reproductions are made entirely by hand and is built from chrome steels rods bent into a wire mesh to provide a strong base that will last for years.

As you can see, at Ezmod, we provide modern classic furniture for any room in the house, for any aesthetic taste and for any budget.

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Truly Modern Furniture

Apr 7, 2010 4:13:15 PM

One of the truly modern chairs offered by Ezmod Furniture is the Casey Black Accent Chair.  This chair is not just an example of modern furniture, it is an example of a versatile piece of furniture that fits perfectly in a number of different environments.  Having modern furniture that can mix and match the rest of the furniture in your home is incredibly important to anyone wanting to either save money or save space, and the Casey Accent Chair achieves that goal.


This modern chair is made of Aluminum with chrome legs.  The chair will arrive to you fully assembled and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Being able to use this chair inside your home as well as one your patio or deck is another major benefit.  The unique design is reminiscent of a spider web, providing back support and a comfortable seating option along with a great talking piece.

Where to Put It

The Casey Black Accent Chair fits the bill for the living room, the dining room or the office.  For anyone looking for great modern furniture for their dining room, the Casey Chair is perfect.  Priced at almost one-third off of the list price, having four, or more, of these chairs around a dinner table would give any dining room an incredibly modern look.  Additionally, having this chair in any office or conference room will provide a one of a kind environment for doing business without having to spend thousands to do it.

Of the many modern furniture options offered by Ezmod Furniture, the Casey Black Accent Chair might be the ultimate in modern design.  Like many of the items we sell, it is priced far below the list price ($139 instead of the list price of $199) and comes fully assembled to save you the hassle of putting it together.  Ezmod is dedicated to providing the kind of modern furniture consumers are looking for, the kind that defines their homes or offices in a truly unique way.  While our competitors offer furniture that is either over priced or over hyped, Ezmod provides unique furniture at a unique price, allowing you to get every item you need for your house, condo or town home.

To purchase the Casey Black Accent Chair, or any other piece of modern furniture for every room in your home, go to www.ezmodfurniture.com today.

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Corona Petal Chair – Truly Unique

Apr 9, 2010 12:04:06 PM

When people shop for modern classic furniture, they usually want a great price, great quality and the kind of individual expression that marks their own personality.  Often times this can be hard to find at a department store or even a furniture chain, because these outlets are trying to appeal to the most broad audience possible.  However, at Ezmod, we invest time, energy and resources into finding modern classic furniture that is truly unique, without sacrificing comfort, quality or price.  The Corona Petal Chair and Ottoman is a revolutionary item that captures the imagination while simultaneously providing a comfortable seating option for your home or office.

The Corona Petal Chair is inspired by Poul M. Volther who was a Danish furniture and lighting designer throughout most of the 20th century.  He belonged to a generation of Danish architexts and designers who had solid roots in high quality craftsmanship, making his designs practical as well as stylish. 

The sculptural form of the chair is foreign to most American consumers who are used to chairs fitting a certain mold.  However, this design is not only unique in its aesthetic value, but also in its ability to provide proper back support and seating comfort.  Truly modern furniture such as this makes it ideal for anyone creating a modern look in their apartment, loft, house, office or some other space.  The vital design elements of the petal swivel chair combine organic expression with ergonomics and functionality.  Often, modern furniture can be painful to look at and use; the Corona Petal Chair and Ottoman achieves successful results on both counts.

Ezmod is able to offer this chair at an amazing price, far below the list price.  Normally the chair goes for $1,200, but we are offering this piece of modern furniture at just $859!  That is a savings of over 25 percent, allowing you to look into other pieces of modern furniture for your home as well.  If you want modern furniture like the Corona Petal Chair filling up your house, apartment, town home or office, look no further than the countless options available at Ezmod Furniture.

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When people think about modern classic furniture, the last thing they tend to think about is comfort.  However, at Ezmod Furniture, we have a number of lounge chairs available, all at prices that are out of this world.  Our goal is to provide consumers with as many choices as possible for modern classic furniture, at a price that fits their budget.  Our selection of lounge chairs is impressive, both in terms of price and selection.

Eaze Lounge Chair and Ottoman
This item has a retro feel to it, but fits into any modern office setting.  The chair is leather, as is the ottoman, and the price is one of a kind.  Normally, the list price of this item is $2,100, but Ezmod has it listed at just $839, that’s a savings of about 60 percent!  Consumers would be wise to check this chair out if they want a lounge chair that fits their aesthetic taste, their budget and their lifestyle.

Le Corbusier Chaise
If you are looking for a lounge chair that ranges from sleek to outrageous, look no further than the Le Corbusier Chaise.  It comes in three colors, black, white and pony hide, and the prices will knock your socks off.  The pony hide version is $400 below the list price, only at Ezmod.  The black version is $200 below list price and the white version is $100 below list price, again only at Ezmod Furniture.

Corona Petal Chair and Ottoman
In spite of our difficult economy, consumers are looking for truly unique modern classic furniture, and the Corona Petal Chair is just the thing to fit that need.  Designed with a unique. multi-piece look, the chair is as comfortable as it is fashionable.  Priced at over 30 percent off the list price, it’ll not only fit your fashion sense, it’ll fit your budget.

Overall, Ezmod successfully brings a one of a kind array of lounge chairs at prices that are amazing even by Internet standards.  Our online furniture store sells modern classic furniture at a price you can afford, giving you the option to save money or buy more items for your home.  Whether you live in a house, apartment, town home or are looking for modern classic office furniture, Ezmod has exactly what you need.

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Modern Classic Design

Apr 23, 2010 4:54:06 PM

If you are interested in modern classic furniture that clearly demonstrates a modern approach as well as classic style, you could wind up spending thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.  Large department stores, furniture stores with national chains and other even foreign designers sell their modern classic furniture at prices that are through the roof.  Even online furniture stores are selling their items at prices that are simply shocking.  For the average consumer, especially now, this is a vital factor.

Getting furniture with modern style mixed with classic design can be incredibly difficult.  Often times, people think that they have to pay incredible sums of money to get rare items, but this is not necessarily the case with modern classic furniture.  While department stores such as Macy’s and furniture stores such as Ethan Allen charge consumers incredible prices, Ezmod Furniture provides a great selection of high quality modern classic furniture at a great price.  Other online furniture retailers offer similar items, but their prices are sometimes two and three times what Ezmod charges for their selection.

For example, take the Nelson Style Bench in black.  The Nelson Style Bench is sold for upwards of $350 at some of our competitors’ sites, which is about the list price.  However, Ezmod Furniture sells the Nelson Style Bench for just $209!  That’s a savings of around 40 percent! Same quality, same style, same product for 40 percent less – do you even have to think twice about that?

Another great example is the Noguchi Style Coffee Table.  A competitor site has it listed at $419.  In fact, this particular competitor has it listed as marked down from $840.  However, at Ezmod, we are offering the Tribeca Coffee Table (another name for the Noguchi Style table) for just $360.  That’s another savings of almost 15 percent.  Saving this kind of money saves consumers enough money to keep some money in their pockets, use it for other bills or even use it to purchase more modern classic furniture. 

If you or someone you know needs high quality modern classic furniture, check out the selection available at Ezmod Furniture.  We have a great selection, an easy to use website and some of the best items for any room of your home.

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Classic Furniture Design

Apr 28, 2010 5:57:54 PM

People interested in classic furniture want a style that is not over the top, colors that do not blind people and textures that are warm and comforting.  At Ezmod Furniture, our classic furniture collection is one of a kind, and we pay special attention to finding just the right items to match our customers’ aesthetic tastes.

In fact, many people are looking for the kinds of designs that are more European in nature, styles that reflect a more mature, sophisticated design aesthetic in the furniture world.  At Ezmod, we pay special attention to the need for classic furniture our customers display, stocking several items that are reproductions of some of the 20th century’s most award winning designs.  We search high and low to find the best classic furniture available at a price that simply cannot be beat in the furniture world.

Classic furniture such as the Eaze Lounge Chair + Ottoman demonstrates a design perspective from a different, but not something that it so old it belongs in grandma’s house.  Items such as the Le Corbusier Chaise Pony Hide are perfect for any living room, office or den, because they reflect a sophisticated approach to interior design. 

Other, more creative, items such as the Tufted Storage Ottoman in black and brown are also classic furniture pieces that fit any number of rooms.  This particular ottoman also has a roomy interior chamber for blankets, remotes, magazines, and other items that need storage and protection.

We invest time and research into our selection of classic furniture, finding the best reproductions around.  Our overhead is very low, and we pass the savings on to our customers.

As you can see, Ezmod Furniture provides one of a kind classic furniture that can meet any budgetary constraint.  Our team of buyers research the needs and tastes of our customers, making sure that every new item is the kind of classic furniture that fits the needs of our shoppers.  Whether you need a lounge chair, an ottoman, a coffee table or some other piece of classic furniture, Ezmod has what you need.

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Online Modern Furniture

May 5, 2010 12:16:59 PM

Ezmod Furniture, one of the leading online modern furniture companies in the world, is featuring some particularly fashionable items this month.  Ezmod carries a variety of items in their online modern furniture collection, each of which was chosen to appeal to our valued customers.

Ezmod offers a variety of seating options, perfect for your house, condo or office.  We also offer online modern furniture at a great price, far below our competition.  For example:

Bertoia Style Wire Chair - This chair is based on a design by Harry Bertoia, an Italian born sculpture and designer of modern furniture.  Ezmod's Wire Chair is made entirely by hand, utilizing old world craftsmanship for this high quality chair.  Another attractive fact is that the list item of this chair is $172, but Ezmod is selling this wonderful piece of online modern furniture for only $110!  It comes in red and black, and there is even a bar stool version of the chair which is perfect for breakfast bars and alternative seating arrangements in your home.

Eiffel Base Chair - Based upon a design by Charles and Ray Earnes, the Eiffel Molded Chrome Arm Chairs are a wonderful example of the type of online modern furniture available at Ezmod's website.  These chairs have a solid steel base and a plastic shell seat, giving the owner a piece of versatile, high quality modern furniture.  The list price for two of these chairs is $495; however, at Ezmod we are able to drastically reduce the cost of these chairs.  Ezmod has these two chairs for the amazingly low price of $219.99, which is over 55 percent off the list price!

Wassily-Style Leather Chair - This chair is an amazing example of modern furniture and how it can be utilized in any setting.  It is based upon a design by Marcel Breuer for his Wassily Chair.  Its sleek black look and metal frame create a sturdy, stylish design that blends well with any setting or color combination.  The list price for this chair is $550, but Ezmod has it on sale for half that price.  For $275, you can get one of the most distinct chairs created in the 20th Century.

As you can see, Ezmod's selection of online modern furniture is extensive, unique and priced amazingly low.  We can help you furnish your home, apartment or office with modern furniture for a cost that is unbeatable.  To learn more, go to www.ezmodfurniture.com and look around at our amazing selection.  You will not be disappointed.

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Ezmod Furniture is not the type of online furniture store that offers generic items at a marked up rate.  We offer a unique opportunity for consumers to purchase one of a kind modern classic furniture at prices that they will not find anywhere else, either online or in stores. 

We also offer a creative selection of items for any home or office, including bar stools.  With apartments, town homes and houses featuring breakfast bars and other tall table settings, our selection of modern classic furniture can adapt to the setting of any home.  Instead of boring bar stools made of pine, we offer the kinds of seating options which can breathe life into a static room with little effort.

Below are four bar stools that are perfect examples of quality modern classic furniture at a price that is simply unparalleled:

LEM Piston Style Bar Stool – Normally priced at $155, the Piston Style bar stool comes in black and is on sale for just $129 at Ezmod.  This item’s sleek look is truly modern and it’s colors will match perfectly with virtually any kitchen or dining room.

Omicron Bar Stools – If you are looking for bar stools that demonstrate classic furniture design while featuring a modern look at the same time, look no further than the Omicron Bar Stools.  At Ezmod, we sell these in pairs and they come in white and black.  Normally these will retail for $280, but at Ezmod we have them for sale at just $220.  That is over 20 percent off the list price!

Acrylic Ghost Bar Stools – For a more traditional bar stool, try the Ghost bar stools.  Made with clear acrylic, these chairs can fit any design color scheme.  We also sells these in pairs at a price that is truly unbeatable.  Normally these fine examples of modern classic furniture would sell for $468; however, at Ezmod we are selling them for just $289.  That is over $170 off the list price!

Espresso Full Leather Stool – If you want a bar stool with a full back, try the Espresso stools we currently feature.  These are dark brown, go well with traditional kitchen styles and are high-quality.  These chairs normally retail at $250, but Ezmod is selling them for just $199.99 each.

As you can see, Ezmod Furniture has everything you need when it comes to bar stools.  Go to our website and see our full selection of bar stools and the rest of our modern classic furniture.

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Modern Classic Furniture for Kids

May 10, 2010 4:17:32 PM

One of the great things about Ezmod’s collection of modern classic furniture is that so many different items are perfect for children.  Our furniture offerings possess the colors, durability and overall design perfect for all ages.  For example, below are a few items that might fit perfectly in your kids’ room.

Plywood Lounge Chair with Pony Hide
The Earnes Molded Plywood Lounge Chair is truly an iconic piece of modern classic furniture, and its look appeals to children as well as teenagers.  The original version of this chair permanently resides in New York’s famed Museum of Modern Art.  It was originally designed in 1946 and was ahead of its time.  The list price for this chair is $360, but Ezmod has this listed at just $235, quite a deal for such an iconic item.

Bubble Chair
Ezmod’s Bubble Chair is a reproduction of a mid-century classic and an amazingly unique piece of modern classic furniture.  Originally designed Aarnio, our reproduction is based on the original Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair.  This chair, which hangs from the ceiling, is so unique and comfortable that the Norwegian telephone company Telenor installed some of them in the entrance to their new building in Oslo.  The list price for the Bubble Chair is just under $1,800, but Ezmod has them for sale at half that price!

Kids Panton Style S Chair
The Kids Panton Style S Chair comes in black and red, and the design is based upon the original design of the adult version.  The original chair was designed in 1967 and is seen as an original modern classic piece of furniture.  The list price of this item goes for $199.99, but Ezmod’s price once again beats the list price by 50 percent!  We have the chair for sale for less than $100.

Lip Kiss Chair
Children, pre-teens and teenagers want furniture that can stand up to a beating and that looks great.  The Red Kiss Chair is a piece of modern classic furniture that will amaze their friends and stand up to spilled drinks, dropped popcorn and more.  The chair is normally listed at $800, but Ezmod has it at $500.

Lip Kiss Loveseat
The Lip Kiss Loveseat goes perfectly with Lip Kiss Chair, but it provides a wider seating area for your children.  At $200 below the list price, this modern classic masterpiece is covered in red fabric and has the shape of a pair of kissing lips. 

As you can see, Ezmod’s selection of modern classic furniture suits the needs of parents looking to furnish the bedrooms, play rooms and living rooms of their children.

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