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Modern Classic Sofas

Jun 25, 2010 12:10:00 PM

Sofas should be comfortable, but there is no need for them to be unstylish or uninteresting.  While living room furniture must be functional and practical, it can also be exciting and unconventional while providing you and your family a comfortable place to sit.  If you have been looking for a new sofa but are tired of seeing floral upholstery and the same old designs, come to EZ Mod Furniture to find a sofa to invigorate your living room.  Our modern classic furniture designs are not only creative and stylish, but functional, making your home an exciting yet practical place to live in.

If you want a sofa that seats several people at once without the boring three-seat and two-seat combinations you will find in every other furniture store, consider EZ Mod’s Lucas 3 piece sofa sectional and coffee table combination.  This modern classic sofa’s circular design makes this the perfect sofa for a corner of your living room, without the boxy feel of most corner group sofas.  One end of the Lucas sofa is a chaise lounge that creates a relaxing place to read or watch television, while the other end features a solid arm to lean up against.  The sofa is made of sturdy hardwood base frame and stainless steel legs give this sofa a thoroughly modern look.  The cushions of the Lucas sofa feature two-toned microfiber that is sure to match nearly any color scheme.  The sofa comes with a coordinating circular coffee table that is constructed of a dark wood table top and metal base. 

Not only does EZ Mod Furniture offer exciting modern furniture designs and modern classic reproductions, they also pride themselves on providing quality products at affordable prices.  The Lucas three-piece sofa with coordinating coffee table would retail for as much as $3,398 at other furniture stores.  EZ Mod, however, features the Lucas set for just $1,999.  That’s a savings of nearly $1,400.  With that kind of extra cash, you can purchase a brand new television and entertainment console to complete your new living room filled with modern classic furniture.  If you are looking for affordable modern classic furniture to spruce up your home or office, come to EZ Mod Furniture today.  Our selection of modern classic furniture and iconic modern furniture reproductions has quality and prices that cannot be beat. 

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Modern Furniture Design Innovations

Jul 6, 2010 11:51:52 AM

One of the biggest departures of modern furniture design from more traditional furniture design is in the use of materials.  Traditional furniture designers tend to stick with tried-and-true materials such as wood, especially for important furniture pieces such as a coffee table.  Modern furniture designers, however, have experimented with new materials and methods such as acrylic, plastic, fiberglass, metal, glass, and even molded plywood.  The effect of using these more unusual materials makes a big difference in the look and feel of a living room or office.  Acrylic and plastic have the ability to take on shapes and forms that wood cannot, while also having color possibilities that are generally not available from wood furniture.  At EZ Mod Furniture, we are proud to offer some of the finest modern classic furniture reproductions to give your home with the sleek, clean look of modernism.

One of the most versatile and innovative furniture offerings you’ll find at EZ Mod is the set of three acrylic nesting coffee tables.  These simple, three-sided pieces come in either black or clear acrylic to fit your room’s color scheme and are three different sizes to suit your space’s needs.  They function well as both end tables or coffee tables and because they are not attached to each other, can be placed all around your home or office to display plants or artwork, to put your coffee mug on when you want to put it down, or can be used as a convenient place to drop your purse or briefcase when you come home.  The clear set makes an especially useful addition to a room if you want to highlight a pretty rug underneath or interesting wood or tile floor pattern.  Both the clear and black sets are made of high-quality acrylic, which makes them scratch-resistant and built to last. 

Not only does EZ Mod Furniture present iconic modern classic furniture designs, but they do so at prices significantly lower than other modern furniture stores.  Both the black and clear sets of acrylic nesting coffee tables would sell for as much as $180 at other stores, but EZ Mod offers the set for just $145.  EZ Mod Furniture also offers free shipping to anywhere in the continental US to help you avoid costly shipping fees.  If you’re looking for a simple, sturdy and stylish coffee table to pull together your home or office, visit our website today to find great deals on modern classic furniture

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Arco Lamp

Jul 16, 2010 4:37:02 PM

One very important part of decorating a home or office that is often overlooked is lighting.  You can go out of your way to find amazing couches, television consoles, coffee tables, wall art, desks or chairs, but if your room is not properly lit, it will still look unfinished.  Even bright, colorful and lively furniture has a difficult task in overcoming cave-like dim lighting when you have guests over for dinner.  Aside from providing enough light for you to read comfortably on the couch, work at your desk, or eat your dinner at the table, lighting can also function as an important design element.  Modern classic lighting comes in many forms from recessed lighting in ceilings to table lamps to floor lamps.  If you have decorated your home or office in the sleek lines of modern furniture design, and are still looking for a lamp to create just the right finishing touch to your room, then the Arco Lamp is just the thing for you.

Designed in 1962 by Italian modern furniture designers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglione, the Arco Lamp became an instant modern furniture classic.  This pair of brothers, together with their eldest brother, Livio, all studied architecture at Milan Polytechnic and initially opened a design company together.  Though Livio left the firm in 1952, Pier Giacomo and Achille went on to design several modern classic furniture pieces that are still widely sold today.  The Arco Lamp is a unique combination of the ideas of a floor lamp and hanging lamp.  While the base of the lamp does, indeed, rest directly on the floor, a long, tall steel tube arches overhead with a lamp shade at the end to provide overhead light, giving the effect of hanging from the ceiling.  This playful mixing of style and function is prominent throughout modern classic furniture design as designers sought to break with traditional designs. 

EZ Mod Furniture is a leading retailer of modern classic furniture designs and is proud to offer the Arco Lamp so skillfully designed by the Castiglione brothers.  While there are several versions of the Arco Lamp, EZ Mod carries a version with a sturdy white or black cubed marble base to counter-balance the rest of the lamp and keep it steadily on the floor.  The steel shade and arch are sure to match any color combination in your home or office.  This modern classic furniture item also helps visually fill your room by attracting the eye to the arch and adding design elements where there would not ordinarily be.  Visit EZ Mod Furniture’s website today for all your modern classic furniture needs.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Guest-Friendly Furniture

Jul 19, 2010 2:00:41 PM

Having guests over can become quite the conundrum for many people.  Finding extras places to sit, eat or even sleep can pose a problem if you have a small space or are new to hosting.  EZ Mod Furniture, however, makes having people over a breeze with several modern classic furniture designs that offer style, comfort and multi-functionality. 

If you are hosting small cocktail party and are searching for some simple yet stylish modern classic furniture to provide seating for your guests, consider EZ Mod Furniture’s acrylic magazine rack end tables.  Available in either clear or black acrylic, these sturdy end tables provide small pockets on two sides to store magazines and smaller books, making a simple and practical addition to your modern classic furniture-filled living room.  When you have company over, however, they are sturdy enough to be used as stools for extra seating.  If you have a backyard or balcony space, these stools are suitable for outdoor use as well.  When not in use as stools, these handy end tables are also ideal places to display plants or artwork as they easily wipe clean.  And while many modern furniture stores would sell these same acrylic end tables for nearly $200, EZ Mod Furniture offers them for just $110.

If you have friends or family coming to visit from out of town, finding a place for them to sleep might pose a problem, but EZ Mod Furniture has several attractive modern classic furniture pieces to fit your needs and your budget.  Our Stella convertible fabric chairs fold out to provide a comfortable place to sleep.  Available in red or cream twill fabric, these modern classic chairs are filled with polyurethane foam and sit on top of a solid steel frame for both comfort and durability.  The seat back on the Stella chairs has three adjustable settings making this a potential bed, chaise lounge or simple chair.  Available at EZ Mod Furniture for just $460 each, these chairs are nearly half the $802 price that most other furniture stores would charge.  If you need a space for more than one person to sleep on, consider EZ Mod’s Artie Microfiber Convertible Sofa.  The back of this three-seat sofa folds down to form a flat bed big enough for two people to sleep on.  EZ Mod Furniture carries this stylish, multi-functional modern classic furniture must-have for just $535.

At EZ Mod Furniture, we want to make sure you have the furniture you need in the stylish, modern classic furniture designs you want, at a price you can afford.  We save you even more money by offering free shipping on any order within the continental United States.  If you are looking for great modern classic furniture for your home or office, visit our website today to find quality furniture at unbeatable prices. 

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Rena Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Jul 21, 2010 12:35:05 PM

Most people have the idea that modern classic furniture, because of its sleek lines and spare styling, is uncomfortable, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Take, for instance, EZ Mod Furniture’s Rena Comfort Lounge and its matching ottoman.  Its simple lines are far from traditional furniture styles, yet the effect is more plush and inviting than cold and uncomfortable.  Upholstered in high-quality dark brown leather, the Rena Comfort Lounge and Ottoman makes an ideal place to sit back, put your feet up and relax. 

The backrest on this inviting lounge chair angles back and features “wings” on either side to either rest your head or lean up against.  The generous dimensions of the chair give you plenty of room to take a cozy nap or relax while you watch your favorite television show:  just over 23 inches in width, with a backrest of 32.6 inches in height.  The matching ottoman is 23.6 inches wide and equally long.  Both the ottoman and the seat of the lounge chair rise just over 15 inches from the floor, making it easy to sit down on or get up from when you are done relaxing. 

The Rena lounge chair and matching ottoman have the familiar sleek styling of modern classic furniture that makes it an elegant, functional and sophisticated addition to any room in your home you wish to relax in.  While supported by a sturdy wooden frame for shape and durability, the lounge and its matching ottoman are completely encased in foam padding and topped by luxurious dark brown leather.  Since no wood or framing elements are visible, the chair has a very clean, organic line that gives it the look of a living organism that grows up from the ground especially for your comfort.  While still looking plush, the simple lines and uncomplicated features put it firmly in the modern classic furniture design group rather than the more traditional fabric upholstery and wood concoctions that are seen in so many homes. 

EZ Mod Furniture is proud to offer people the best modern classic furniture designs such as the Rena Lounge Chair and Ottoman.  We pride ourselves on offering high quality furniture for your home or office at unbeatable prices and the Rena chair and ottoman are no exception.  Where most furniture stores would sell this stylish and comfortable modern classic duo for nearly $1,400, EZ Mod offers it for just $899.  To save you even more money, EZ Mod offers free shipping on any order within the continental United States.  For the best quality and prices in modern classic furniture designs, shop EZ Mod Furniture.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Fiore Accent Chair

Jul 28, 2010 2:38:00 PM

Are you looking for a bright and cheerful accent chair to add a little spark to your home, office or dining room?  Then EZ Mod Furniture has just the thing for you:  the Fiore Accent Chair.  These playful and vibrant modern classic chairs will add a splash of fun to any room. 

With the straight lines you would expect from modern classic furniture design, the Fiore chair has very few curves or frilly decoration.  The backrest of the chair is a seemingly plain square set at a right angle to a matching seat.  For added support, the sides of the backrest extend a few inches and curve downward to meet the seat.  The chair’s legs are made of clear acrylic, giving the chair the ghost-like look of floating in the air above the floor.  So as to not mark up your floor, the chair’s legs are also non-marking.  The chair is sturdy, with a wooden frame covered by plush high-density polyurethane foam padding.  While the form of the chair sounds simple, what gives this modern classic furniture piece its sunny personality is the fabric that covers it.  The circles fabric is covered in concentric circles in various shades of pink, red, yellow, green and purple against a backdrop of white.  The Fiore floral accent chair features a vibrant floral pattern with two shades of green, red, yellow, purple, black and white and is sure to make an impression.  If you are not particularly looking for a bright and sunny addition to your modern classic furniture-filled home or office, the Fiore accent chair is also available in black faux leather to help you pull together any room. 

EZ Mod Furniture strives to bring high quality modern classic furniture to your home or office at prices that will not bust your budget.  The Fiore accent chairs sell for $199 for the fabric covered versions and just $209 for the faux leather version at EZ Mod.  Other modern furniture retailers, however, list their versions of the Fiore accent chair at $354 or more.  EZ Mod Furniture works hard to not only offer you the lowest prices on modern classic furniture, but saves you even more money in shipping costs by offering free shipping on any order within the continental United States.  The choice is clear:  for quality and great prices on modern classic furniture, EZ Mod Furniture is the place to go.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Womb Chair

Jul 30, 2010 10:54:11 AM

When many people think of modern classic furniture, they may think of boxy, uncomfortable couches or accent chairs.  However, while modern classic furniture design is known for pared down lines and a notable lack of frilly adornment, that does not mean that modern furniture is uncomfortable.  Indeed, one of the best innovations of modern classic furniture designers was the ability to mold furniture items such as chairs to forms that are inherently comfortable for most people to sit on.  Perhaps one of the most well-known examples of this (and arguably the most comfortable chair in the world) is Finnish American designer Eero Saarinen’s “Womb” chair

Saarinen, one of the most famous modern classic furniture designers of the 20th century, realized that not everyone sits in a given chair the exact same way.  Some people like to slouch, some people like to sit sideways in the seat with their legs falling over an armrest, and still others like to recline and put their feet up to read a good book.  With that in mind, Saarinen, also a noted architect, set about designing a chair that would be comfortable to sit in from all angles.  What he eventually created was the Womb chair:  a chair with a molded and reinforced fiberglass shell covered in foam padding and upholstered in luxurious cashmere fabric for a smooth, soothing touch.  The Womb chair and its matching ottoman are both supported by a thin stainless steel tube frame.  The backrest on the chair features an extra cushion for support, as well as a padded seat and armrests.  The matching ottoman offers a veritable pillow to rest your tired feet on after coming home from a long day of work.  Saarinen was responsible for some of modern classic furniture design’s most iconic pieces, which were known for their futuristic look and feel.  Another creation of Saarinen’s, the “Tulip” chair was even featured many times in film and television when “Space Age” stories were being told. 

EZ Mod Furniture is one of the relatively few modern classic furniture stores offering high quality reproductions of Eero Saarinen’s ground-breaking designs at highly discounted prices that are sure to fit within your budget.  Where most modern furniture retailers would sell Saarinen’s amazingly comfortable chair for nearly $1,300, EZ Mod makes this modern classic icon available for just $780.  If you’re looking for beautiful and comfortable modern classic furniture to fill your home or office, visit EZ Mod Furniture’s website today for unbeatable deals on quality furniture.


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Modern Furniture for Your Dining Room

Aug 6, 2010 1:16:33 PM

Who doesn’t like to sit down to a good meal in a sleek, modern dining room?  While a comfortable dining room requires only a table and sturdy chairs, dining room furniture styles can vary widely.  The look of modern furniture, especially dining room furniture, can really add to your dining experience.  While many people stick with traditional wooden tables and chairs, modern furniture designs offer some innovations that are both sophisticated and exciting and EZ Mod Furniture has a large variety of all the best modern furniture designs.

In the middle of the 20th century, modern furniture designers began experimenting with new materials for dining room furniture with spectacular results.  Technological advancements in plastic, metal and even plywood made all sorts of designs possible that would have been impossible with standard wood and older furniture design techniques.  Finnish American designer and architect Eero Saarinen’s experiments with molded plastic produced the iconic “Tulip” chair and its matching fiberglass dinner table.  Composed of a curved, almost egg-like black or white plastic shell, the seat of the Tulip chair comes either with arms or without and sits atop a sturdy aluminum base that looks much like the stem of a flower.  EZ Mod Furniture offers these beautiful chairs in either black or white, and with removable round red or black seat cushions for a comfortable place to sit in during those long after-dinner chats over a glass of wine or cup of coffee.  The rather “Space Age” look of the Tulip chairs even earned them spots on some of television’s most popular shows about space travel in the 1960s.  The matching round, white table has a nearly identical, stem-like base, is 29 inches high and comes in diameters of either 35 or 47 inches to fit both larger and smaller dining rooms.  

If the Space Age look isn’t quite right, but you still love modern furniture, consider EZ Mod Furniture’s Bertoia-style wire mesh chairs.  Metal is a bit of an unusual material for dining room furniture, but Harry Bertoia, an Italian American artist, jewelry maker and modern furniture designer, transforms industrial steel wire into a large, sturdy and comfortable place to sit.  Contoured to fit the human body, this chair also features a leatherette-padded foam cushion in black, white or red and is sure to match any dining room’s color scheme. 

If you are looking for quality modern furniture at prices you can afford, then EZ Mod Furniture is the place to go.

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Taft Club Chair

Aug 20, 2010 12:22:43 PM

Social clubs are, largely, things of the past.  In decades past, social clubs served as swanky places...

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Kiss Loveseat

Aug 30, 2010 11:49:43 AM

Kiss all other sofas goodbye!


0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Emily G

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