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Spotlight on Designer Eileen Gray

Oct 26, 2009 7:05:15 PM

In our collection of modern classic furniture, EZmod offers many pieces designed by Eileen Gray, one of the 20th Century's most prolific designers.  Her work and accomplishments in the design world are noteworthy, and her collection continues to sparkle throughout the last thirty-five years.

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Harry Bertoia - Design Maven

Jan 8, 2010 12:30:17 PM

At Ezmod Furniture, our modern classic furniture is designed by some of the most world renowned designers of the last hundred years.  Even though some of these individuals passed away decades ago, their advances in furniture design, architecture and color schemes still set the tone for designers everywhere. One such designer is Harry Bertoia.

Harry Bertoia was born in Italy in 1915 and passed away in 1978.  He was a sculptor, an artist and one of the most prominent designers of modern classic furniture in the 20th century.  He visited America when he was 15 and chose to stay in America, living in Detroit while attending design school.  He opened his own design shop in 1939, first focusing on jewelry design and metal work, and later he moved to California where he provided technical work for airplane and medical equipment.

After moving to Pennsylvania in 1950, Bertoia's career designing modern classic furniture truly took root.  It was here that he designed his famous "Diamond Chair" a chair whose design included a lattice design of welded steel.  His chair caused major unrest in the furniture design world, with lawsuits being filed over patent issues.  In the end, Bertoia's unique furniture design took hold throughout the country, and the world, making him one of the most prominent figures in modern classic furniture design of the last 100 years.

Ezmod carries many Bertoia designs, including the Bertoia Style Wire Chair (which comes in various colors), the Bertoia Style Wire Barstool and Bertoia Style Diamond Wire Chair.  Each item possesses a unique design, is incredibly sturdy and is offered in a variety of colors to match any color scheme.  Our modern classic furniture is amazingly priced, and these items are no different.  Some of them are up to 25 percent less than what just about every other website and store are offering them for.

If you need quality modern classic furniture, designed by world renowned artists at an amazing price, then Ezmod is the right website for you.  Check out selection and see how easy it will be to furnish your house, condo or apartment with high quality modern classic furniture.

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The Man, the Myth, the Sofa?

Apr 5, 2010 12:04:23 PM

Le Corbusier designed quite a few of the pieces that our recreations are based on at Ezmod Furniture, and overall, modern classic furniture would be dramatically different if not for his contributions.  Many of the Le Corbusier-inspired pieces we have on sale sell quite well because people are attracted to his designs, even forty plus years after his passing.

Charles-Edouard Jenneret-Gris, also known as Le Corbusier, was a Swiss-French architect, designer, writer and all around artist.  He was originally one of the pioneers of “modern architecture” focusing on modern design in the 20th century.  In the earliest part of his career, he focused mainly on architecture, spending a great deal of time theorizing on new designs, modern techniques and a complete rethinking of what architecture should encompass.  He befriended countless artists during this time, including Amedee Ozenfant, a cubist painter.

He adopted the pseudonym “Le Corbusier” in 1920, which is his maternal grandfather’s name, as a way to reinvent himself.  From architecture, he moved into urbanism, hoping to redesign many of the slums he saw throughout the nation of France.  His first project, the Immeubles Villas, called for large blocks of cell-like individual apartments stacked on top of each other.  He dabbled in designs for entire cities.  Soon after, he began to dabble in the modern classic furniture that has become one of his longest lasting investments into design and culture.

When creating modern classic furniture, Le Corbusier theorized three different versions – type-needs, type-furniture and human-limb projects.
 The many items inspired by Le Corbusier that we carry include the:

Le Corbusier Chase – which comes in pony hide, white leather and black leather

The Le Corbusier Petite Sofa – which comes in white leather and black leather

The Le Corbusier Petite Chair – white leather and black leather

For these and other modern classic furniture pieces inspired by the 20th century’s greatest designers, go to today.  You can get great deals, buy Le Corbusier sets for your entire living room and save countless dollars in the process.

0 Comments | Posted in Featured Designers By Joseph Marchelewski

Eero Aarnio

Jun 21, 2010 10:00:51 AM

Some of the most memorable pieces of modern furniture to emerge from the 20th century were designed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio.  When one thinks of the space-age styles and ideas of the 1950s and 60s, Aarnio’s “Ball” and “Bubble” chairs immediately come to mind.  Their round, pod-like structure and use of new and unfamiliar materials lend the Bubble and Ball chairs a very futuristic feel that is delightful for the modern furniture enthusiast.

Innovative for their use of both fiberglass and plastic, as well as a nearly completely spherical shape that was new in modern furniture designs, the Bubble and Ball chairs were not only popular with the public but frequently used on the sets of television shows and films because of their futuristic look.  Aarnio’s Ball chairs consisted of a hollow sphere of plastic or fiberglass with one side open for someone to sit in.  The Ball chair, which was designed in 1963, was often made of white fiberglass and stood on a matching stand with a round base with padded interior walls and a matching seat.  The hanging version of the chair, called the Bubble chair was designed by Aarnio in 1968 and featured the innovative use of a clear acrylic sphere with a steel frame around the opening.  Unlike the stand version of the chair, the hanging version did not have padded interior walls, but did feature padded back and seat cushions and was suspended by a long chain from the ceiling.  In spite of the clear walls, the Bubble chair provides a closed-off, more private space from the rest of the room, enclosing anyone seated within it in a sphere of relative silence and welcomed solitude. 

As one of the best modern furniture retailers around, EZ Mod Furniture features detailed reproductions of Aarnio’s hanging Bubble chairs for your home or office.  With a sturdy ceiling mount and six feet of chain to hang from, the Bubble chair can support up to 300 lbs hanging from your ceiling.  The red fabric back and seat cushions are removable for cleaning.  EZ Mod Furniture prides itself not only on selling quality modern furniture reproductions, but also on having one of the most affordable furniture selections available.  While other modern furniture retailers sell Bubble chair-inspired reproductions for nearly $1,800, EZ Mod competitively prices their version at $899.99.  If you love the look and feel of modern furniture for your home or office, come in to EZ Mod Furniture today for quality, prices and selection you will love.

0 Comments | Posted in Featured Designers By Joseph Marchelewski

Marcel Breuer

Aug 18, 2010 12:04:54 PM

Few modern furniture designers have earned the fame and recognition of Marcel Breuer.  His experiments with modular construction and furniture reduced to its basic elements provided the foundation for generations of later modern classic furniture designers.  Born in Hungary in 1902, Breuer both studied and taught fine arts, manufacturing and even industrial design at the prestigious Bauhaus school in Germany throughout the 1920s. 

Perhaps the most famous of Breuer’s modern furniture designs is the “Wassily” chair.  First designed in 1925, this unique chair is constructed of a tubular steel frame with essentially leather straps to provide the seat, backrest and even arm rests.  There is a misconception that the chair gets its name because Breuer designed it for famed painter Wassily Kandinsky, but it is not the actual case.  Kandinsky saw some early prototypes of the chair and so admired them that Breuer made a copy for Kandinsky to keep.  When the chair was reproduced in the 1960s by an Italian furniture manufacturer, the name “Wassily” was given to the chair and it stuck.  German-Austrian furniture manufacturer Thonet was actually the first company to manufacture Breuer’s ground-breaking modern design.  The original versions of the Wassily chair actually included fabric straps in place of the leather that is more popular today. 

The simple materials and refined form of Breuer’s Wassily chair made it an obvious choice for mass production.  Up until the 1920s most, if not all, furniture for a home or office was carved and constructed by the hand of a skilled craftsman.  Mass production technology in the 1920s was made popular and refined by auto manufacturers such as the Ford Motor Company.  Technological advances such as the seamless steel tube made Breuer’s Wassily possible as constructing the same chair with seams in the tubing would have given the chair several weak spots and made it much less sturdy. 

EZ Mod Furniture is proud to offer high-quality reproductions of modern classic furniture designs such as Breuer’s Wassily chair.  Built with sturdy black bonded leather, this chair is sure to become a striking accent to any living room or office.  EZ Mod Furniture also offers this modern classic icon in a brown and brass color scheme to better suit any room.  And while most modern furniture retailers would offer this beautiful chair for $550, EZ Mod Furniture saves you hundreds of dollars by offering it at just $275.  Check out the rest of EZ Mod Furniture’s modern classic furniture collection and save money on the modern style you want.


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Verner Patton

Oct 1, 2010 5:25:15 PM

Verner Panton (1926-1998) is one of the founders of “ultramodern” furniture design.

0 Comments | Posted in Featured Designers By Emily G

Le Corbusier everlasting influence

Jan 14, 2011 5:07:32 PM

In the first half of the 20th century, a new generation of designers and architects arose that markedly departed with the styles and artistic ideas that had preceded them

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Jorge Pensi

Mar 7, 2011 12:37:17 PM

Born in Buenos Aires in 1949, Jorge Pensi also studied architecture there.


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A Design Icon- Harry Bertoia

Apr 7, 2011 7:19:10 PM

Harry Bertoia was born in Italy in 1915 and passed away in 1978.  He was a sculptor, an artist and one of the most prominent designers of modern classic furniture in the 20th century.

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Spotlight on Hans J. Wegner

May 16, 2011 4:42:13 PM

“Many foreigners have asked me how we made the Danish style. And I've answered that it...was rather a continuous process of purification, and for me of simplification, to cut down to the simplest possible elements of four legs, a seat and combined top rail and arm rest.”

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