One of most unique and exciting furniture designs of the last century is Eero Aarnio’s classic Bubble Chair. It is one of his signature pieces in his plastic furniture collection that includes the ball/globe chair, the pastil chair, the tomato chair and others. Aarnio is a pioneer in using plastic in furniture designs and it allowed him the freedom to experiment with all sorts of shapes and colors. In 1968, Aarnio created the modern classic furniture piece known as the Bubble Chair, which has since been used in countless sci-fi films, music videos, and photo shoots and by celebrities ranging from Vivienne Westwood to Carmen Electra.

“I had the idea of a transparent ball where light comes from all directions. The only suitable material is acrylic which is heated and blown into shape like a soap bubble,” said Aarnio. The clear, spherical design of the Bubble Chair, along with the fact that it hangs mid-air from the ceiling, makes it a surefire hit when it comes to any modern room layout. This chair is sure to have tongues wagging due to its sheer brilliance in design and flashy aesthetic value.

This unique design, which hangs from the ceiling, is also used to capture and amplify acoustics within itself wherever it is placed. It is a defining piece in the genre of modern classic furniture, the futuristic twist on a classic makes it suitable for any modern environment.

Ezmod Furnture offers a high-quality reproduction of the Aarnio’s original offering; our Bubble Chair is almost identical to the pioneering design. The transparent acrylic used in our design, as in Aarnio’s original, creates a room within a room and allows light to enter through all sides of the chair. Our design is reliable and stable and can be enjoyed for many years to come; it meets all the architectural specifications of Aarnio’s original design. Included with the chair are a 6 foot chain, mounting hook, and soft, removable red fabric cushion for added comfort and relaxation. This modern classic furniture design has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and professional installation is recommended.

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