Coffee tables are one of the oddest pieces of furniture anyone owns.  They are used do hold snacks during dinner parties, to hold dessert during movie night, to put feet on top of during Monday Night Football, as an extra seat and more.  They must be durable, practical and still tie the room together.  At Ezmod Furniture, we have a selection of modern classic coffee tables that can suit any lifestyle, room décor and color scheme.

Modern Classic Coffee Tables

Whether you live in a cramped studio apartment in Manhattan or a spacious ranch house in Nashville, you need a modern classic coffee table that provides style and usability.  At Ezmod, we have three modern class coffee tables which will perfectly accent any room, due in part to their adaptability.

Tribeca Coffee Table – This refined modern classic coffee table is on par with some of the best designs coming out today.  This items comes in different colors, and is perfect for any use.  It’s arranged in an intriguing top to bottom finish and designed by Noguchi for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Alfresco Coffee Table Stool Set – This modern coffee table is perfect for someone who needs to conserve space.  The four comfortable coffee stools are designed to hide under the elliptical table perfectly, which will save you a great deal of space.  

Wenge oak veneer Coffee table – This class coffee table has an important attribute in its favor – it’s simple.  Often times some items will be so complex in style that only very specific furniture can be matched with it.  This classic coffee table is well made, has a beautiful finish and will hold up over time.

Coffee tables can be eyesores, items that simply don’t fit the room or that are so huge they are completely impractical.  Consumers often have a hard time matching their coffee table to their other furniture because they buy them separately and often years apart.  The couches you bought in 2005 may not naturally mesh with the coffee table you are trying to purchase four years later.  At Ezmod, our modern classic coffee tables will provide you with the kinds of options you need to make your living room a pleasant place to spend time.