Green is the color of nature, of life, and powerful organic energy. If you want to incorporate green into your home, remember that it represents harmony and growth so that you can balance its calming aura with surrounding colors.

One of the best places to start with green is the bedroom. Because it is organic and natural, it will help you fall asleep embraced by the sensation of nature. You can try painting your walls in a lush cream green, and pair this with a linen beige comforter and accents. This look is reminiscent of a tropical resort on the beach, especially if you add bamboo and other natural elements.

Or, green in the bedroom can start with something as simple as plants. Adding one or two potted plants to your bedroom will increase the oxygen flow and give you a better rest at night, as well as truly reflect the natural beauty of green.

Green accents in the living room are wonderful touches of natural style too. How about a pair of green accent pillows on a chocolate brown sofa? Green curtains in a softer shade will also look stunning.

The brighter you go with green, the more energy it will bring into your home. Emerald green is a powerful, forward-looking color, while pastel green will give a calming, balancing sensation. You’ve got to examine your room – considering its size, shape, and the emotion you want to evoke – to decide which type of green is best for you.