Picture this: You’ve just moved into a new place, and you’re standing in your empty living room, overwhelmed by all the space, trying to decide what furniture and accessories you’re going to choose to fill it.  All you know is that you want a modern look. Alternately, you’ve finally bitten the bullet and gotten rid of those scruffy old hand-me-down couches; now you don’t know what’s going to replace them, and how it’s going to change the look of the room. 

It’s best to tackle a modern living-room redesign one step at a time. First, think about what you’re going to be doing in this room. Most likely, you’ll be watching television, reading, or chatting. For these activities, you’ll need comfortable, stylish seating. Because sofas and chairs will take up such a large amount of space in the room, it’s best to choose neutral colors for them, and leave the vivid hues for accessories. These Le Corbusier-style sofas come in black and white with tubular stainless steel structure on the outside. Choose different combinations of sofas and chairs depending on your space and who’s going to be occupying it: a sofa and love seat will work well for snuggling and watching movies, while a Le Corbusier-style chair can accommodate someone who’d rather read than watch TV. For a bold look, mix and match black and white – choose a black sofa and a white chair, or vice versa. For a more traditional modern style, stick to either white or black.

Next, pick a modern coffee table that goes with your couches and chairs.  The Magazine Rack Coffee Table is made of acrylic, and has a curvy modern silhouette. It comes in black or clear: either color will go with both the black and white sofas and chairs.  Add a couple of Eileen Gray-style side tables next to the couches and chairs: the tubular chrome frame matches the legs of the Le Corbusier design.

Use the stainless steel color of the couch and chair legs as an accent color around the rest of your modern living room: choose lamps with stainless steel bases, and silver-toned accessories like vases, candle holders and picture frames. Now you have a very sparse, modern black, white and silver room. You can add pops of a bright color such as orange or acid green: use it in throw pillows, a flokati (shag) rug, or a rug featuring geometric designs. Feature your accent colors in the artwork you choose to hang. You can even paint one of the walls in a bright color; doing all four walls may be overkill, but painting one wall can add interest.