Ezmod Furniture, the leader in online modern classic furniture, has a number of design ideas for 2010.  Designing your home or apartment takes time, and Ezmod has some great ideas on how to furnish your apartment with high quality modern classic furniture in a way that will set the trend for this coming new year.

1. Fabrics are king. 
It's important to note that quality will be of the utmost importance.  This is due in part to the economy being poor and forcing people to purchase furniture that will last, and in part to the way trends work.  At Ezmod, we have chairs, couches, tables and more that have great texture, quality fabrics and will last you for years.

2. Real is the way to go.
In the past, faux fabrics were the way to go.  However, in addition to wanting quality, people are moving towards "real" fabrics such as cotton, leather, bamboo, etc.  At Ezmod, we offer modern classic furniture that is made of real fabrics, real materials and other high-quality materials.

3. Be bold!
Although just about every American needs to save money, the are still trying to be distinct and unique, which means that colors, designs and patterns will go far beyond solids.  If you search around the modern classic furniture selection at Ezmod for example, you will see some patterns, color combinations and even furniture designs which are one of a kind.  If you want to set the trends for 2010, look at getting a coffee table, lounge chair or bed frame that lets on-lookers know you are not just an Ikea robot.

4. Classic is the new modern.
Purchasing modern classic furniture means that you are purchasing an item that sets trends, yet harkens back to a different time.  Just about every piece of furniture being designed and sold in America is trying to fit that mold.  At Ezmod, our selection has always been at the peek of fashion, yet with an old-world feel.  Our designers are some of the most famous from the 20th century, and our designs continue to set the standard throughout the world of furniture and furnishings.

5. Do not be predictable.
2010 is a time to set a new standard, to be unique in a unique way.  While many people purchase run of the mill furniture from Ikea and discount department stores, you can purchase high quality modern classic furniture from Ezmod without breaking the bank.  Compare our costs to Target, Ikea, Macy's or other outlets and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer and the prices we offer them at.

Overall, be yourself in 2010.  Use your money wisely, but purchase furniture that will stand the test of time while acknowledging your unique personality.