Furnishing your home can be a fun and exciting experience or it can be a time consuming headache. There are right and wrong ways to accomplish your home furnishing goals and working for a furniture company and designing residential spaces has taught me a few things about the right ways. Let’s explore some ways to make furnishing your home an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

A good place to start is with the measuring of your space. A quick sketch of the space with length X width dimensions as well as a ceiling height will be a great help when wondering if your dream sectional sofa will fit or if maybe you need to be looking for a loveseat instead. Include any openings for doors and windows, fireplace or built in shelving, anything you don’t want to block with your furnishings. Keep in mind traffic flow for the room as well, don’t block major entry or exit points.

In your living room you should start with the sofa, not only is this the biggest piece in the room it also makes the greatest visual impact. You should avoid placing a bright or patterned sofa in front of a sunny window due to the fading factor from sunlight. A leather sofa is smart choice for its durability, lasting value and rich look.  Keep leather pieces out of the sun as it fades and dries out this natural material. Placing leather near any heat source like radiators or a fireplace can cause the leather to dry out and crack. Keep your sofa neutral in color to create true staying power, color trends come and go but a neutral colored sofa can be reused in different rooms and future homes. Adding some color, texture and pattern to your sofa can be done with pillows and throws. You should also allocate the most money in your budget to your sofa because quality lasts and usually costs more. Shop for comfort, durability and function in all your pieces. Think about your family needs. Are your kids going to do homework on your tables? If so, look for a hard durable surface on your table like acrylic or marble. Is the sofa going to be off limits to eating? If not look into an easy cleaning fabric like a microfiber.  Does your family like to put their feet up when watching television? Are toys strewn about your living room on a daily basis? Try an ottoman coffee table with storage for a multipurpose use. In the dining room, flexibility is important. Look for tables that expand to seat more during special occasions or a future expanding family. Keep the dining table design simple as to not take away from the food presented. You can use your dining chairs as a focal point with color and pattern in the seat pads. These simple items can be changed out frequently as your taste changes. Lighting can also create a focal point for rooms and create a mood lighting for different situations. In a smaller space window treatments can help to make a space more open by drawing attention to the treatments rather than the tight space. Bedrooms need to be space planned for comfort and accessibility. The bed should be selected first as the biggest piece in the room. Placement should be accessible to bathrooms and easy traffic flow to exits in case of emergencies. Try to avoid placing the bed near any windows that get the morning sun. In the case of bunk beds make sure you have enough clearance from the top bunk to the ceiling.

 Once you have your anchor pieces such as a sofa, dining set, and beds selected and in place, don’t just buy random pieces to fill the space. Take your time to find the right pieces to compliment your larger furniture. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. You will see and feel true harmony in your surroundings when you add things that are well thought out and make sense in a space. It’s EZ to find that perfect furniture piece here. I am always available to help with your design questions or find the right furniture for your needs. Please leave feedback below or chat with me online. As always keep it EZ! Truly, Kristin M.