It’s finally October, one of our favorite months of the year! The perfect weather—not too hot and not too cold, the leaves that change color and fall to the ground, pumpkin spice flavor come back to life, and the most important thing is…. Halloween (or arguably the best holiday ever) is here! Halloween is definitely a great time to be creative about decorating your house, and luckily, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a fun and spooky Halloween décor. This week, we are going to share how to trick out your house for the holiday easily and inexpensively. Be prepared to have a lot of fun doing these projects!

1. Halloween Table Decoration

Having a Halloween dinner party at your house and you want to keep the Halloween spirit on? Go to the dark side and just dominate the table decoration with black colors—black roses (they are so beautiful it’s scary), black cups, plates and bowls, black hand-towels, etc. It’s also a great way to put decorations like pumpkins, mini skeletons and black butterflies here and there. If you want a more elegant look, change the vase and the candlesticks/candle holders to a gold color.

2. DIY Bloody Handprint Window Clings

By using minimal products like craft glue and red food coloring, you can add some bloody handprints on your window or mirror for a scary look. Don’t forget to add the blood drops if you want it to be more dramatic. Your guests would definitely feel the spookiness in your house when they see these all over your windows. Via: Kylyssa (

3. Wall Full of Spiders

Grab some spiders and stick ‘em to your wall! Okay, not the real one of course. For this you actually have a few options: you can use spider stickers or you can grab some black papers, cut them into spider-shaped, and put them on your walls using tapes. If you want a more realistic look, you can get a package of plastic spiders instead!

4. Caution Tape

This one is very easy, get yourself a yellow caution tape and put it all over your doors, front yard, or even inside the house. This look will instantly transform your house into the one that you see on your favorite crime TV shows.