When it comes to modern classic furniture, people often have varying tastes.  Some people like plain, straight forward chairs and tables that aren’t particularly exotic or attention grabbing; others prefer incredibly unique dining room chairs that are both fascinating and out of this world.  Ezmod Furniture offers consumers both options, as well as chairs that fit somewhere in between.

The Plywood Lounge Chair with Pony Hide is a unique reproduction that can’t be matched.  The Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair is considered one of the most iconic pieces of mid-century wooden furniture, and one of the originals actually resides in a permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art.  It has been titled the “most famous chair of the century” by some.

Another dining room chair with an incredibly unique look and feel is the Casey Accent Chair.  This aluminum chair comes in black with chrome legs and is a one of a kind addition to any dining room.  As modern classic furniture goes, it doesn’t get any more modern than this.

For those looking for an item that is more classic than modern, the Tessa Microfiber Dining Chairs are elegant and tasteful additions to any dining room.  This chair has amazingly clean lines, as well as a soft, comfortable seating surface.  It has a neutral color, which is perfect for any décor, and is sold in sets of two.

Last, but never least, the Beroia Style Chair can make any dining room look elegant, unique and modern.  As modern classic furniture goes, the entire Harry Bertoia seating selection, which “first of its kind” wire rods is truly remarkable.  The color of the seating pads can be used to match any color scheme, with red, black and white all being options.  These wire chair reproductions are made entirely by hand and is built from chrome steels rods bent into a wire mesh to provide a strong base that will last for years.

As you can see, at Ezmod, we provide modern classic furniture for any room in the house, for any aesthetic taste and for any budget.