If you love the clean, simple lines of modern furniture and are looking for the perfect chair for your home or office, look no farther than EZ Mod Furniture.  EZ Mod prides itself on having one of the best selections of modern furniture inspired by the work of iconic designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi and Harry Bertoia.  When looking for the innovative materials, colors and shapes that represent modern furniture design, EZ Mod Furniture will be your first and last stop.

Perhaps the most iconic piece of modern furniture design is the “Tulip” chair.  Designed by Finnish architect and furniture designer Eero Saarinen in 1956, the Tulip chair really exemplifies modern furniture style. With a curved, cup-like seat set atop a slender support frame with simple round base and available either with arm rests or without, the chair got its name from its uncanny resemblance to the flower by the same name. 

Originally produced by the Knoll Company in New York City, Saarinen’s ground-breaking dining chair design incorporated such innovative materials as fiberglass to provide the shape and support of the seat, with a reinforced bonded plastic finish to provide the classic white color.  It is important to note that traditional dining room chairs had been largely made of carved wood up until this point.  Saarinen’s use of fiberglass, plastic and even the cast aluminum of the base were highly unusual and reflected the world’s budding fascination with plastic at the time.  One interesting fact about the Tulip chair and its rise to iconic status was its use in the popular television series, “Star Trek.”  The curved, flowing lines of the chair, its simple black or white colors and manmade materials were the perfect fit for the space age science fiction world. 

EZ Mod pays homage to Saarinen’s groundbreaking modern furniture design in its reproductions of the Tulip chair.  The seat is constructed of sturdy molded plastic while the base is made of steel.  The chair is available in either black or white, with removable upholstered seat cushions in either red or white.  And while competitors may sell you a Tulip chair reproduction for as much as $290, EZ Mod Furniture carries them at the much more budget-friendly price of $175.  Come in to EZ Mod today to fill all your modern furniture home or office needs.