It’s getting cold out there and we are going to be spending more time inside.  For some people that will be difficult, especially if you are an outdoor type of person.  Time to bring out those warm and cozy blankets and make your place more comfortable for those long hours you will be spending at home.  Hmmm, what is going to cheer you up and keep you warm and cozy when the temperature dips?  Time to think in terms of what you want inside in order to make your lounging more fulfilling.  Are you in need of a new living room set or bedroom set?  Do you want a chaise lounge to lay around on while you  read a nice book or take a quick nap on your lunch break?  A chaise can be perfect for that.  Do you want a sofa that includes a chaise already attached? 


What about those Fall and Winter dinners that are just around the corner?  There is a lot to think about this season; especially if you are planning on hosting one or several parties.  Are you going to be able to accommodate all of your guests with the seating and dining areas that you have for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve?  Not everyone has a dedicated room for dinner and sometimes in order to accommodate all the guests that you invite, you may need to have several seating areas set up. 


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