As I was contemplating today’s topic, I had an idea to try something different for a change.  I set out to look at some of the products that we carry and place them together as if I was designing a dining room.  Mind you, it has been years since I have dabbled in interior design and planning, so I was curious to see if I could.  But it is kind of hard to visualize the final outcome unless I draw it out.  The first thing that I picked out was the 2 Dufresne Red Velveteen Dining Chairs.  I like these because they are unusual and velvet and I thought that they would go well with the Roca Dining Table.  The last selection was a little more difficult to select.  I am choosing between the Soho Hanging Lamp, the Meteor Shower Ceiling Lamp, and the Pearl Hanging Chandelier, and the Celeron Ceiling Lamp. 


2 Dufresne Red Velveteen Dining Chairs 2 Dufresne Red Velveteen Dining Chairs        Roca Dining Table Roca Dining Table

Celeron Ceiling Lamp Celeron Ceiling Lamp  Meteor Shower Ceiling Lamp Meteor Shower Ceiling Lamp

Pearl Hanging Chandelier Pearl Hanging Chandalier

Which Lamp do you thing works best?  I myself am partial to the Celeron Ceiling Lamp or the Pearl Hanging Chandalier.  It is a little difficult to discern based solely on these three products, especially without a 3D image.  For those of you with greater experience i recognize would be able to determine whether any of these choices would work.