In his book, "How to Live in Small Spaces," by Terence Conan, Terence gives practical spatial ideas that work. In the first half of his book he speaks about space planning subject.  Terence starts off with a checklist of lifestyle questions to ask yourself such as if you have visitors often, whether or not you work from home, if you have an accumulation of books, a lot of practical information to sort through and think about before designing ever comes into play.  He then goes into clutter reducing strategies and reasoning. He teaches you step by step how to make a floor plan, space plan, elevations, sketches, planning and building storage.  He takes you through a conversation about scale and proportion and explains how taking a door out in some spaces can give the illusion of more space, replacing solid doors with clear doors, and utilizing sliding doors and panels. The second half of his book is about decorating and furnishing. He is very thorough and after reading his book you will feel as if you have taken an actual class. 

Better Homes and Gardens "501 DECORATING IDEAS UNDER $ 100," has wonderful pictures and is broken up into 4 parts.  The part is called Re-imagine and speaks about easy art, utilizing collections, making artistic shelves, repurposing, and project instructions.  The second part is called Create.  This chapter speaks about the popular concept of flee market shopping, and restyling furniture, and using color.  Chapter 3 speaks to organizing and chapter 4 is all about embellishing and decorating with details.

Finally, the Better Homes and Gardens "real-life decorating; Your Look, Your Budget," is broken up into 4 parts. Chapter 1 speaks about creating character by adding small details that add up to big differences.  The book also looks at 3 rooms and lays out the design mistakes and shoes you how simple changes can enhance the look.  Chapter 2 dives into the issues of color and pattern, how to pick a paint color, wallpaper, and mixing patterns. Chapter 4 is about how to buy sofas, tables, and Rugs.