Maybe you are one of those people like me that doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on items, even if it will enrich your life.  As an example, I don’t buy CD’s or pay to download music. I just listen to whatever is on the radio for free.  The problem with that is that I box myself in and limit my enjoyment that I could have if I opened up and invested in myself.  All it really takes is a little extra effort to shop, select, and let go of some of the money that I earn.  Geese, I am worth it.  Music does a lot to enhance my mood.  Music fulfills your hearing and your mind the same way that Interior Design fills your sense of sight, which enhances your emotions as well.  They say take time to smell the roses.  Well purchasing pieces of furniture that we will see every day is like smelling the roses. 


If you are like me and you want to make a switch and change from just functionality to design then don’t continue to decorate your house for just function.  Add to your rose garden and bring in some knew furnishings. 


How about getting a real bed, instead of just using bed rails to get you from one night to the next?  We have  beds that sell for close to what some box springs may cost alone.  You can add style to your room while at the same time providing support for your new mattress.  Here is a link to the different options that we have to offer. Bedroom