Do you have a storage problem?  Do you have multiple differing styles of dressers and storage pieces?  Do you want to make your life feel more organized and in control?  Well I certainly do, and if you are like most people you may too.  Let's make your storage dreams a reality. 

In order to simplify our lives and function at our optimum level we need our spaces to make sense and function efficiently.  Spring cleaning is not only for Spring, it is actually a year round job and should be done more often.  In fact, doing a little reducing every season may be more necessary, especially if you have a big household or you have a smaller living area.

Once you reduce your storage and eliminate clothes you don’t want or use you can consider the best storage solutions.  Instead of having multiple storage spaces and perhaps mismatched dressers that take up twice as much depth, consider a long and tall wardrobe solution in addition to your closet.  You can make it flush with one wall and enjoy the free space that it creates by eliminating the need for multiple dressers and in some cases even a bookcases.  If you buy or build a custom closet that is floor to ceiling you can reserve the spaces on top for items that you use infrequently but still would like to have close to you.   

See our Houzz closet examples: