Are you wild about a particular design in a fabric, wallpaper, or other material?  Do you need a little extra something to add to your design to pull all of your elements together?  Then why not add a little of your creative talents and create your own custom designed room screen or room divider?  It is pretty easy, anyone can do it.  First you need to know how to construct a simple frame.  I have two instructional videos that I pulled from youtube.

So now that you know how to construct a basic frame let me give you some ideas on what kinds of things you can do.  One idea is to find your favorite pattern that coordinates with your room.  Then find one or two solid colors that are within that first piece of fabric.  You can create a screen that has blocks of color arranged in different squares such as in this one. You can do this with wallpaper too.  Hey you can even create your own art utilizing some of the prints or colors in your room.  We all know how to paint whimsically, like a child, right?  We all can draw and paint geometric patterns, right?  We don’t always have to go out there to find the perfect design.  In fact, it may just be more convenient to make our own.   


Have you thought of making the frame a certain color, texture?  Here again there are so many choices.  How about window film, decorative wall tiles, or even a combination of what I’ve mentioned thus far?  Don’t forget about stenciling possibilities.  You can make cut outs or even use a metal screen as a stencil for a design.  Some other material you can use is canvas or cotton fabric in addition to wood to paint over.  You can even take a look at the images of my previous posts and see if you can utilize some of those images as inspiration for your screen.


I am pasting some images so that you can get inspired. 


Folding_screen[1] Bob-Fain-Woodworks-DBA-Wood-N-What-Knots_40145_image[1] P75827-T0-W380-H460-Bbas-a1690[1] Tokyo-Folding-Screen[1] Materials home-design[1] d32676e9-68fe-45ef-94c7-65326fde80b9_145[1] 3a800c2d-5f0b-4a3a-a706-a3ab5b94fe9e_145[1] Bronze Decorative Wall Tile Home Depot Model # B57-26 Brushed Nickel Decorative Wall Tile HD # B65-29 Silver Spray Paint by Rustoleum You can find this paint in silver, gold, chrome, and copper. Artscape Decorative Window Film Internet # 203843088 You can have a design such as this one and apply a window film to your screen. See my past blog for images and resources of window film.