Have you seen are new arrivals?  We have something for everyone.  We even have products for the men out there.  Something for the man cave or game room.  We have beer brand décor in the form of barstools and a few wall clocks.  We have new items  for the kids in your life, from Diva mini sofa chairs to Paw Chairs, Whoopsi table lamp which resembles a can of paint spilling.


Life is not all about work and being serious all the time.  That’s why we carry this furniture too.  Sometimes you just have to throw in some fun and different items that minimizes those hum drum days.  For instance, just one look at our Printed Daisy Computer Chair and you instantly feel good.  A whimsical touch of beauty never hurt anyone. 


We have several models of “Boom” chairs for the kid in everyone.  These chairs come with differing features that bring enhanced enjoyment to the game playing characters in your home.  For the babies we have the Night-Time Pals™.  These are animal lamps that are surrounded by special paper to let the light shine out gently.  They are cute too.  We have that lamp as a monkey, cow, and puppy.  How adorable, right?  Feel free to peruse through our many selections.  You’re sure to find something that you love.