Kudos’s to designers across the country for making the lives of people all over more enjoyable.  Thanks to websites and blogs such as Houzz everyone can enjoy your creative talents; it is a great way to shop for the designer that you prefer too.  It is like living vicariously through your pictures.


Designers are true artists, pulling information from their clients and then creating exactly what the client has envisioned.  Designers are not only creative but they are guiders, social workers, shoppers, problem solvers all rolled up in one fantastic person.  Designers are skilled in many areas such as sales, communication, analytical, and artistic.  Designers have to be knowledgeable about building codes and different softwares; not to mention have a good library of resources within reach.  In addition, designers need to know about product textures, textiles, space planning, color and material coordination, and history of architectural interiors.


Designers are able to use their talents for good to enrich our lives and bring comfort to the general public.  We here at EZmod Furniture are grateful for your talents and achievements.  Thanks to you we can look forward to inviting spaces that create comfort or energizing us.  You are able to create a mood that has lasting effects for us in our lives. 


Here are some great pictures that I feel just by viewing have the potential to create joy within us and promote well being and outlook.  



* Photos from Houzz.com