If your kitchen appliances are stainless steel and you need bar or counter stools for your kitchen island then consider our Dazzer Barstool .  The Dazzer Bar Stool features a sleek design and curvilinear lines, engineered for today’s modern kitchen.  The seat height is adjustable, from 20-30 inches.  If you don’t have a kitchen island and you are looking to furnish your bar area then this Dazzer Bar Stool would look great next to our Radical Side Table .  The Radical Side Table adjusts in height too!  What is so great about this adjustable table is that you have 5 colors to choose from.  I am partial to the purple one, but you can choose the color that works best in your space. 


Speaking of bars, if you are tired of going out weekend after weekend with your friends and really never getting to know them and form deeper relationships then stop looking to entertain with the same old bar and club scene.  In order to get to know people on a deeper level you have to let them get to know you.  What better way for your friends to get to know you then to invite them into your abode?  Wait, but you don't want them to come over.  Why I say.  Maybe you want to spend some time and money creating a space that fosters conversation and puts your guests at ease.  Take the time to cook them a meal, watch a movie, play games, talk about old times, and create new memories.


For added excitement, interest, variation consider our line of lighted stools.  We have 3 designs to choose from.  The Cube Lumen Stool , Spring Lumen Stool , or Drop Lumen Stool comes with a remote control that allows you to change the colors of the light that illuminates from the inside.  The colors vary depending upon which product you choose.  Some of the colors are blue, orange, purple, yellow, aqua, and pink. Now you are ready for those Mimosa's!  Now all that is left is to order, plan, and invite your friends.  No reason to party out, party in and bring the good times.