Are you stuck with a design problem?  Do you want to save money on Do It Yourself projects?  All you have to do is look no further than your computer.  You Tube is full of people sharing what they know.  Why would people share their ideas?  I think it comes with the gratefulness of solving their own concerns and they just want other people to be able to do for themselves as well.  

You no longer have to wish you had someone to teach you how to do things when you have your own neighborhood of contributors on U-Tube. 

I have seen directions and topics such as "How to Build Your Own Solar Panels, Build Your Own Murphy Bed, Platform Bed,

Home Décor, Storage Ideas, repurposing by making decorative flowers from plastic water bottles, and used Pistachio Nut shells. 

Let’s start doing, like the hardware store warehouse commercial says.  Making your own stuff leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment.  You don’t even have to attend their workshops because you can probably find it on U-Tube, well, unless you want to get out and socialize.