I thought I would post some information that would answer some basic concerns when it comes to seating.  For office chairs, bar stools, and counter stools it is convenient to purchase seating that has a height adjustable option to it.  There is no doubt that within a household there are varying heights of people living there.  Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all.  Seating is designed to fit 95% of the population, however not everyone is built the same obviously. 

If you are the purchaser of products for your household and you want a better fit, I would definitely go with seating with the height adjustable option.  But for those of you who like the look of a particular chair or stool I understand your concern. 

So when purchasing seating for a particular height of table or counter top how much is adequate space between the seat height and the bottom surface of your table top?  What is the necessary wiggle room that is considered proper?  To find this out I consulted my book Human Dimension & Interior Space by Julius Panero and Martin Zelnick.  On page 92, the thigh clearance for the population that falls between the 5th and 95th percentile for men and women is 4-7 inches, meaning that thigh would occupy that much space from the seat height.  The minimum chair clearance according to this book is 18-24 inches between the chair seat and the bottom of the table for normal dining at a dinner table.  For bar seating the space should be between 11 and 12 inches between the bar seat height to the top of the counter or bar.