We all want value when it comes to making big purchasing decisions.  We want style, glamour, beauty, and design elegance.  We also want versatility and the ability to change our minds if we feel the inclination.  That is why designing with white is so much easier.  We can change the look and feel of our rooms just by making minor adjustments to our accessories.  You may even be the type of person that likes to change their color schemes every season.  With our tulip table and chairs you can do just that.  Our Tulip tables and chairs are some of the most sought after pieces.  Our Tulip table is made of a beautiful shiny fiberglass top and the tulip chairs are made of ABS and Aluminum and comes with your choice of colored cushions.  We have green, red, orange, blue, and black.  These color options are true to Mid-Century color schemes. 

We also have black & red cushioned Tulip Arm Chairs that can be placed on order and Tulip Arm Chairs in white with red cushions as well.  New to EZmod are the matching table and floor lamps in black or white.