They say necessity is the mother of invention.  I tend to agree with that statement.  First there has to be a need, then, because you need something, you will find ways of getting that item or product that will improve your life in some way.  If you can’t find a product that suites your needs perfectly, the next step is to make it.  This is how design is born.  Design is born out of our need to problem solve.  Design is intentionally planning your thoughts out in order to have a desired outcome or product.  Planning out your environment takes initiative and motivation.  So when it comes to space planning, coordinating, and designing our homes the way we like it, or anything for that matter, it makes sense to put our thoughts, ideas, and plans on paper so that we can measure our progress and grow our ideas one after another. 



If you are not able to find anything that suits your needs and wants, then the next best thing is to solve the design issue for yourself.  So how do you get started?  Say you want to make something like a dollhouse, cat or dog house, planter, organize your space, etc.  Don’t throw up your hands and think you can’t do it.  You can do it and you will feel better if you do.  First you need to put your thoughts and ideas down on paper in written form or in a drawing of some kind.  Don’t worry how it looks, it is for you anyway.  Next you need to make a list of what you think you will need such as supplies and tools.  Don’t be afraid to do some research on how other people have solved similar problems by checking out books or looking online.  There are so many DIY books out there that you will be able to do things for yourself with time and effort.  Home Depot has an extensive DIY library in their stores.  In order to come up with something you need to draw it out, you would be amazed at the ideas you come up with once you put your energy into it.  You just need to start and your ideas will start to flow.  Don’t be surprised if you come up with multiple design solutions. The main thing is to get started and not let excuses get in your way.