It is time to get out there and find the job that is waiting for you in the field of Interior Design.  Granted you may not live in an area where there is a lot of Interior Design work as easily accessible as some of the bigger cities, but where there is a will, there is a way…always.  You can start out helping friends, neighbors, and the elderly.  You may start out helping by aiding them toss out what they don’t need and organize for them.  This is especially needed in the elderly community because they don’t have the movement capabilities that they once did.  They will be so grateful that they are sure to tell others about you.  The cleaning and organizing can lead to helping with things such as painting and hanging window treatments. When you love what you are doing, work will come your way.  This is a good way to start from scratch when you are not working and have the time on your hands to do this.

If you are working and it isn’t in the field of your choice what are you waiting for?  You can get small design jobs on the side that you can work into your routine.  Try out freelance websites or Craigslist and look for people looking for help but still are not willing to pay professional prices.  Do what you love and the work will come. 

If you are in a position or population in which there are more design opportunities, you may want to update your resume.  On a hunch I checked out Interior Design opportunities in different cities within the last month.  On CL there are 68 postings in Los Angeles, 100 in New York, only 22 in Chicago, 24 in Boston, and 64 in San Diego.  Looks like California is in the lead.  Don’t fret; these jobs are only what one site has to offer.  Back to your resume, you can post your portfolio online and list on your resume.  I have shared an article on our Facebook page of the 5 top FREE portfolio sites for you to read. Look for EZmod Furniture.

Go on out there and get the kind of job that you want and deserve.  Life is too short if we are just wishing or not living our dreams. And when you are out there specifying furniture remember to buy from us.  :)