I am not a very artsy and crafty person really. I would like to be but I haven’t really developed that side of me yet. I have great admiration for those of you who are, who not only dream up an idea but act on your imaginative side. I was thumbing through some books this weekend and found an inspiring book. The book is called DIY ideas, Projects and Tips for Every Room by Better Homes and Gardens, ISBN: 9781118148389. You can find it at the library or an online reseller. I highly recommend this book and other books like it because it gets you thinking and seeing things in new and creative ways. I came upon an idea of creating flower wall art out of wood veneers. Yes this is a great idea in and of itself, but if you think about it, you can do this with other materials as well. This idea can be applied to other types of shapes and other types of material, even old photos. What a concept! Say you have a particular theme going or want to include your favorite signature shape. My favorite signature shape is a circular curly curl I see everywhere. You know the one, it resembles an Italian paper clip. I may post a picture of this shape at a later date, but for now it is an open circle that goes around two or three times. Say you make a template of your favorite shape, and say you make them in multiple sizes, a few small, a few medium, and one large. Now depending on your color in your room, implement some of the same colors into your pieces. Now say you group these together on a wall. The materials can be foam core, plywood, or maybe even metal sheeting. Perhaps introduce some metallic spray paint within your design. Copper, chrome, and touches of gold may look appealing together. You could use whichever shape you are into. Either you can draw the design yourself or have a friend help you or search for patterns of your shape online, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you. If anyone likes this idea and uses it on a project, please let me know so I can marvel or share your creation. My email address here is janette@ezmodinteriors.com.