Interior Design Graduates If you haven’t found a job as an Interior Designer yet, don’t fret. There are many jobs available within the industry. Think about a job that caters to Interior Designers. To land an Interior Design job requires a portfolio. What do you do if you don’t feel your portfolio is ready? Don’t worry you have other skills that you have acquired that you may overlook. In school you no doubt learned color theory. You learned about complementary, tertiary, and monochromatic color. How about landing a job at a paint store? In addition, you learned the History of Architectural Interiors; why not work in a showroom? There are so many jobs and they are not necessarily in the design quarters of many cities. There are flooring, furniture, cabinetry, paint, stores everywhere. You can work at one of these stores and if in your heart of heart you want to be designing the interiors of homes you can always work on your portfolio on the side while you earn income. Work experience within the field is always useful. You will build customer service skills and fine tune your sales skills so that when you do work as a designer you will already be accustomed to getting what the client wants for them. All your work experience will count to your credit.