This weekend I had a little extra time.  I intended to go to the library and pick up some books and it was closed so I went to Barnes and Noble instead.  I found this book that was very colorful and interesting.  The book is called Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker.  I particularly was drawn to this book because it was special and unlike any other design book that I have seen.  Holly Becker actually speaks from her heart and writes as if she is speaking to a friend.  In this book, she teaches you how you can find your own creativity by asking you to think about answers to key questions.  I highly recommend this book.  I actually tried very hard not to buy it and put it back several times but it was too special to leave on the shelf for someone else to buy.  I had to have it.  No other book that I have read actually teaches through exercises how to draw out your own creativity. That is worth a lot.

One of Holly’s recommendations was to visit and use Pintrest as a design tool.  Using Pintrest can allow your creative side to come out.  You can use it to gather pictures and themes that coincide with each other.  It is an easy way to collect images of your favorite things.  You can use it to select styles of furniture, images of inspirational designs, color pallets that you enjoy and are drawn to.  Create your digital design ideas to draw inspiration from and hone in on what design styles you would like to make your own.  This is a great way to discover what you like best and create and design according to what you learn about yourself.