For many of us, the living room is less than fit for living. Bulky furniture, cramp and clutter, and never, ever enough space. Somehow what is typically the largest room in the home always seems all too small. So why not lighten it up a bit? Ezmod has just what you need to make that room a bit more roomy.

If you are waging a war for space, have the ottomans on your side. From conventional cube to cocktail companion, Ezmod’s ottoman army twists a modern touch on classic furniture. Solid wood frames provide the backbone for cushioned seats and quality leather upholstery, with hollow models featuring fabric-lined interiors for functional living room storage space.

In chocolate browns and classic black, Ezmod’s ottomans are designed to fit into modern color schemes without stealing the scene from more dominant pieces. The traditional Nox makes the perfect sidekick to a plush recliner, while the Brockway provides bench seating for three while doubling as a chest.

For a more elaborate design, check out the Twin Tate. Its open frame is perfect for storing magazines or board games, and its removable lids feature built-in trays that transform it from footstool to coffee table. Then you have the Full Leather Cocktail, a star example of modern furniture, with its retractable wooden door revealing a storage area below the tabletop. Its size enables it to be used as a bench, making this a truly versatile piece.

But should those not satisfy your storage needs, there is another that will. The Tufted Storage Ottoman is a stylish substitute for your everyday storage container, and it likely has more room. Its lining surrounds an open space for bedding, books, or your winter wardrobe, all tucked inside a wooden frame with a tufted leather exterior. The piece is as decorative as it is functional and the perfect piece of classic furniture for any modern living room.

Ezmod’s ottomans are modest and functional, letting you lift your feet, rest your drink, and store that pillow for the sofa bed, while still playing a role in your interior decor. It is surely a victory for the ottomans in the conquest of modern classic furniture.