In addition to searching for the top modern classic furniture available online, or anywhere else, people look to Ezmod for information on furniture trends.  At Ezmod, we strive to provide information that shows good trends, as well as ones that are not so good.  2010 is a new year, and one that will hopefully see an improvement in the economy, the environment and in the way people shop for furniture and design their living spaces.

1. No More Stuffed Animals
Over the last few years, that have been attempts to bring a sort of "rustic" feel to homes, utilizing stuffed animals and even faux animals.  However, this often makes the room look like a taxidermy shop from the 1950's, and does not at all lend to a room's feeling or attitude in any sort of positive manner.

2. The End of Flat Screen TV's!
Flat screens blend well with modern classic furniture; however, the trend of having flat screens in every room (living room, kitchen, bedroom, even the bathroom) has become too much.  Staying on top of the latest news and watching football games can be important, but flooding your home with expensive flat screen televisions that use up electricity is just too much.

3. Judge Yourself Not by TLC
The Learning Channel and just about every other channel has shows about how to decorate your living space.  With a team of dozens of designers, contractors and other professionals, these folks turn a one room shack into Winsor Palace.  Unfortunately, this is a standard few, if any, can live up to.  Look for modern classic furniture that fits your budget and your living space, not a $7,000 Gucci couch from a department store.

4. Make Recycling Your Main Bag
You can use countertops that are made from recycled materials and that look as great as marbled ones.  So many people are environmentally conscious now that the materials used can fit a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Overall, 2010 should be a time of modesty, not extravagance.  This is one of the reasons Ezmod Furniture has so many great pieces of modern classic furniture at an incredibly affordable price.  We offer people the opportunity to have modern classic furniture that is both well-built and inexpensively priced.