Economists are calling the current economic slump the “Great Recession” and are stating that it is the worst slow down economically since the 1930’s.  What is incredibly frustrating for many people is the fact that the recession is creating diverging affects, hitting most Americans where it hurts – their wallets.  The price of raw materials has gone up, as demand has gone down because of unemployment.  That has led to greater unemployment, greater pessimism over the economy and lower spending. 

When it comes to modern classic furniture, Americans are faced with an increase in the cost of the raw materials used to make their furniture, namely timber, leather, foam, glass, cardboard and event he chemicals used as finishing sprays and coats.  There is an impending 30 percent hike in the cost of steel as well, which could cause some department stores to charge outrageous prices for furniture, just to cover the cost of materials.  At a time when the budgets of many Americans are at an absolute low, the fear of rising prices has many people worried.  One observed, the president of an import/export company, said “The skyrocketing costs of raw materials has all of us living in very interest times…this was monumental and something not seen in 40 years.”


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