An in-home bar is one amenity that adds entertainment and style to any kitchen or living space. Whether you have a breakfast bar or a traditional bar, there is always the need for barstools that add personality to your bar. When choosing barstools for your bar there are several points to take into consideration, such as, size, design, and usability. First, you must decide what size you want the barstools to be; there are barstools that may be too high or too low for your bar counter, so taking measurements ahead of time is an excellent way to ensure you have the correct barstools. Next, you have to take into the surroundings into consideration; you want to have your barstools match and complement the room in which the bar is in. Finally, you want to make sure that you can use your barstools to enhance the bar experience and that you can use them in the kitchen or any other room where a chair may be needed.

Ezmod Furniture carries one of the most practical and classic barstools called the Bertoia Style Wire Barstool. This barstool is a reproduction of the classic design by Harry Bertoia, it features a mesh design that emphasizes space. The barstool serves to complement any room that it is placed in and has the classic features of sculptures. Bertoia believed that furniture should complement its surroundings instead of define the entire room. The barstool is very much like traditional sculptures because the design emphasizes air passing through the mesh design rather than an abundance of material. The geometric design of the barstool is skillfully hand made with precision so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

The Bertoia Style Wire Barstool is the perfect example of modern classic furniture, it takes a classic design and brings it up to date in order to complete any bar in any home. It features a high quality polished steel frame and rubber stoppers to protect your floor. The barstool also comes complete with a soft leatherette seat pad that is filled with foam for added comfort and is available in black or red.

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