The 20th century was a time of great innovation.  Scientists throughout the century were continually finding uses for new materials, inventing new technological processes for manufacturing and finding out more and more about the human body.  Along with all this technical innovation, came dramatic changes in art, architecture and even furniture design.  New applications for materials such as plastics made them usable in modern furniture design.  Metalwork made more frequent appearances in living rooms, offices and even bedrooms than ever before.  And technological innovations involving the molding of plywood made things possible with wood furniture that would have been impossible in the prior century, even with the most skilled craftsmen.  Two designers whose modern classic furniture designs stand head and shoulders above the rest are Charles and Ray Eames.

Married in 1941, this prolific pair, along with fellow giants of modern furniture design Harry Bertoia and Eero Saarinen, helped invent a process involving the molding of plywood splints in the 1940s that would form the basis for molded plywood furniture. Molded furniture made quite a splash in the design world and went on to become some of the most popular modern furniture in the mid-20th century.  The molded plywood side chairs designed by the Eameses became so popular, in fact, that they were added to the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. 

EZ Mod Furniture is proud to offer high-quality reproductions of several of the Eamses’ modern classic furniture designs, including several molded plywood chairs.  Made of cherry plywood, these modern classic design masterpieces feature rubber shock mounts to protect the wooden chair against jarring movements and keep the structure from becoming too brittle.  Designed and contoured to fit the human body perfectly, these chairs offer durability and comfort whether they are used as accent chairs or dining chairs in your home or office.  EZ Mod Furniture even offers these beautiful chairs with luxurious genuine black and white or brown and white pony hide covers on the seat and backrest for an added splash of style.  A stylish and sturdy modern classic piece such as this would cost as much as $360 at other modern furniture retailers, but EZ Mod Furniture carries this gem for just $235—saving you well over $100. 

If you are looking for great modern classic furniture to fill your home or office, EZ Mod Furniture will be your first and last stop for high quality and low prices. 

Pony Hide Chair

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