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Online Furniture Buying Tips

Apr 19, 2010 11:30:15 AM

Here are some useful bits of wisdom from Ezmod Furniture, the leader in modern classic furniture:

1. If you can see the furniture in person somewhere, you should go see it.  While Ezmod offers great prices on modern classic furniture, and we stand behind our quality, it might help the see the furniture in person so you can see how it will fit with your existing setup.

2. Do your research.  At Ezmod, we are confident that the furniture we offer on our site, and the price we offer it at, are some of (if not THE) best in the industry.  We welcome you to shop around, see other deals, see what other online furniture retailers have to offer and go from there. 

3. Make sure your computer is protected.  While Ezmod sells modern classic furniture on a website that is secure, your computer may not be.  Since you will be entering in personal financial information, make sure you are in a secure location and that you have adequate software on your computer to protect your sensitive financial data.

4. Keep an eye out for sales.  Even at Ezmod Furniture, where we have modern classic furniture at a low price everyday, we run sales that will help you save money.  If you do not need a couch, chair, table or ottoman right away, then monitor our site at least once a week to keep an eye on new offers we may be having.

5. Make sure to measure the space in the room where the new furniture is going.  At Ezmod, we will post the dimensions of every piece of modern classic furniture we sell.  However, it is important that you take the time to measure the space where you hope to put the new furniture, so that you are not cramped for space in a particular room of your home or office.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to keep in mind when buying modern classic furniture online, not all of which have to do with the furniture itself.  Ezmod has created an easy to use web portal that allows you to buy furniture online, making your life easier and keeping your wallet as full of cash as possible.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Joseph Marchelewski

Shopping for modern classic furniture is hard enough without the impending threat of higher prices for consumers.  Unfortunately, most news outlets are echoing the fears that the furniture industry is in for higher prices.  Shoppers at Ezmod Furniture can take comfort though, our everyday amazing deals are perfect for your budget.

Higher Prices?

Various furniture manufacturers and business consultants are pointing to the increasing prices of raw materials as well as the increasing costs of labor as reasons why they feel furniture prices will increase.  Another major issues it he rising cost of shipping from Asia to the United States as much of the goods in America are manufactured in Asia.  So far, some furniture stores are raising prices on their modern classic furniture and other furniture items.  A shop in Michigan raised prices by 2 percent this week.  That may not seem like much, but a 2 percent increase in Michigan could be a 10 percent increase in New York or California, and that’s just for starters.

As an example, a furniture store in North Carolina said that a replica of a chair used by President John F. Kennedy sold for $199 for 14 years and is now priced at $225!  That’s a 12.5 percent increase on just one item.  If you wanted six of these chairs for your dining set, that would be a $150 increase.

Help is Here!

Rather than feel depressed about impending furniture costs, shoppers can go to a consumer online furniture store like Ezmod Furniture where our prices are low everyday.  Plus, without having a showroom to pay for or sales people to employ, our overhead is incredibly low.  We have been passing on these savings for years, allowing consumers to get the deals they need on the modern classic furniture they want.

Furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom and office is available at Ezmod, at a price that can’t be beat.  We invest a great deal of time into finding the best possible deals on modern classic furniture, making sure our customers have everything they need to furnish their houses, apartments, town homes or offices.  Ezmod is a friend of the consumer, proving it on a daily basis with high-quality, low cost modern classic furniture.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Joseph Marchelewski

When is a Furniture Sale Not a Sale?

Apr 14, 2010 5:18:16 PM

Consumers are looking for deals on furniture, from couches and sofas, to chairs and bed frames.  Furniture sales are an easy way for furniture stores or department stores to draw in customers, but they may be slightly misleading.  A department store might be running a furniture sale, but that does not mean the best price of that store is the best price on that particular item.

For example, Thomasville is a furniture store that regularly runs furniture sales and specials.  However, the starting price on much of the items they have in stock is marked up so high that even a 10 percent off deal is still overwhelmingly expensive.  Other furniture stores such as Jennifer Convertibles and department stores such as Macy’s will run similar promotions, pretending their sale prices are saving people money.  In reality, finding a retailer that offers modern classic furniture at a great price will not likely happen in a mall.  Ezmod Furniture offers prices so low, you would think there is a furniture sale going on 24-7!

For example, here are some items priced particularly low, especially when compared with our competition:

The Nelson Style 5 Foot Bench – Normally priced at $335, Ezmod has it priced at $209 everyday.  That's almost 40 percent off!

The Tribeca Coffee Table – This item is priced at $499.99 on most sites, but at Ezmod it’s only $360.00.  A deal that saves you $140 is simply one of a kind.

The Eaze Lounge Chair + Ottoman – At most retailers, this item goes for $2,100, but Ezmod’s amazingly low price of $839 shows just how low our prices truly are.  That is almost 60 percent off the list price, a deal you really can't find anywhere else, online or otherwise.

Instead of paying 25 percent or more at a department store, even at a furniture sale, come to Ezmod Furniture where you can find everyday value at prices that will allow you to save money for more modern classic furniture, or just for your wallet.

0 Comments | Posted in Sales & Deals By Joseph Marchelewski

Economists are calling the current economic slump the “Great Recession” and are stating that it is the worst slow down economically since the 1930’s.  What is incredibly frustrating for many people is the fact that the recession is creating diverging affects, hitting most Americans where it hurts – their wallets.  The price of raw materials has gone up, as demand has gone down because of unemployment.  That has led to greater unemployment, greater pessimism over the economy and lower spending. 

When it comes to modern classic furniture, Americans are faced with an increase in the cost of the raw materials used to make their furniture, namely timber, leather, foam, glass, cardboard and event he chemicals used as finishing sprays and coats.  There is an impending 30 percent hike in the cost of steel as well, which could cause some department stores to charge outrageous prices for furniture, just to cover the cost of materials.  At a time when the budgets of many Americans are at an absolute low, the fear of rising prices has many people worried.  One observed, the president of an import/export company, said “The skyrocketing costs of raw materials has all of us living in very interest times…this was monumental and something not seen in 40 years.”


While it may seem scary, Ezmod Furniture is continuing to offer high quality modern classic furniture at the same amazing prices.  While many online furniture companies will raise their prices in reaction to these economic challenges, Ezmod has kept prices low for consumers, allowing them to have some of the best modern classic furniture available today.  Our prices are consistently low, our selection is amazing (and always improving) and our ability to meet the needs of your budget is highly sought after.

For those Americans worried about the high cost of modern classic furniture, look no further than Ezmod Furniture.  We can supply you with furniture items for your living room, dining, bedroom or office at a price far below our competition.  Whether you need a one of a kind chair for your office or a unique coffee table for your living room, Ezmod has the furniture you need a price you can afford.  Check out our selection of modern classic furniture today, you will not be disappointed.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Joseph Marchelewski

The Man, the Myth, the Sofa?

Apr 5, 2010 12:04:23 PM

Le Corbusier designed quite a few of the pieces that our recreations are based on at Ezmod Furniture, and overall, modern classic furniture would be dramatically different if not for his contributions.  Many of the Le Corbusier-inspired pieces we have on sale sell quite well because people are attracted to his designs, even forty plus years after his passing.

Charles-Edouard Jenneret-Gris, also known as Le Corbusier, was a Swiss-French architect, designer, writer and all around artist.  He was originally one of the pioneers of “modern architecture” focusing on modern design in the 20th century.  In the earliest part of his career, he focused mainly on architecture, spending a great deal of time theorizing on new designs, modern techniques and a complete rethinking of what architecture should encompass.  He befriended countless artists during this time, including Amedee Ozenfant, a cubist painter.

He adopted the pseudonym “Le Corbusier” in 1920, which is his maternal grandfather’s name, as a way to reinvent himself.  From architecture, he moved into urbanism, hoping to redesign many of the slums he saw throughout the nation of France.  His first project, the Immeubles Villas, called for large blocks of cell-like individual apartments stacked on top of each other.  He dabbled in designs for entire cities.  Soon after, he began to dabble in the modern classic furniture that has become one of his longest lasting investments into design and culture.

When creating modern classic furniture, Le Corbusier theorized three different versions – type-needs, type-furniture and human-limb projects.
 The many items inspired by Le Corbusier that we carry include the:

Le Corbusier Chase – which comes in pony hide, white leather and black leather

The Le Corbusier Petite Sofa – which comes in white leather and black leather

The Le Corbusier Petite Chair – white leather and black leather

For these and other modern classic furniture pieces inspired by the 20th century’s greatest designers, go to today.  You can get great deals, buy Le Corbusier sets for your entire living room and save countless dollars in the process.

0 Comments | Posted in Featured Designers By Joseph Marchelewski

Classic Living Room Furniture

Apr 2, 2010 3:25:14 PM

If you are searching for classic furniture online for your living room, you are probably looking for furniture that fits the following criteria:  classic; quality; and inexpensive.  At Ezmod, our selection of classic furniture includes numerous fabric sofas that fit each of these criteria to a “T.”

With the economy in a difficult spot, and not much light at the end of the tunnel, people need couches and living room furniture that’s going to fit their needs precisely and in a cost effective manner.  Ezmod provides a great variety of classic furniture for the living room, perfect for entertaining guests, having a movie night with the kids or just for relaxing while watching a football game.

Lucas Sofa and Coffee Table

The Lucas Sofa and Coffee Table is a perfect example of how Ezmod can provide classic furniture for the living room at a great price.  The list price on these items is a touch under $3,400, but Ezmod is offering them for less than $2000! 

The Winnie Tan Fabric Sectional

The Winnie Tan Fabric Sectional comes with a dark brown leather base and is perfect for any living room.  As a section, it can be used in a variety of ways, perfect for parties or for when you want to make the room look different.  Normally, this couch goes for over $4,000, but Ezmod is offering this sectional for just $2,000, which is 50 percent off of the list price!

If it’s modern furniture you are looking for, Ezmod has some great options there as well.

The Basilio Modern Fabric Sofa is stylish, comfortable and priced amazingly low.  The foam-filled cushions make it a great seating option, and its multi-hued fabric make it the perfect center piece for any living room.  It has an L-shape and is built to last.  Originally priced at $2,200, Ezmod is offering this sofa for just $1,572.

Kiss Chairs

If you want something funkier for yourself or your kids, look no further than the Lip Kiss Chair or Lip Kiss Sofa.  Both of these seating options come in a vibrant red color, and possess a unique “kiss” shape that is a conversation starter.  These two items are also priced amazingly low, with the Chair priced $300 below the list price and the sofa at $200 below.

All in all, Ezmod provides one of a kind options for your living room.  The prices are fantastic, the selection is superb and the modern classic furniture overall can meet any aesthetic taste.

0 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Joseph Marchelewski

Recently, our staff spent some time looking at the various deals available on modern classic furniture.  Most of these deals were advertised on the Internet; however, they were only available at local or regional outlets, and thus unavailable to hundreds of millions of consumers.  At Ezmod Furniture, we believe every deal we offer on modern classic furniture for every room in the house should be available to Americans no matter where they live.

Searching for deals online means finding sales in Chicago, Orland, New York, etc., but none of these deals are available to people outside that region.  It is difficult enough for people to find good deals on quality modern classic furniture without having to drive 100 miles out of their way just to purchase it.  The gas alone negates any savings, let alone delivery, taxes, showroom mark up fees and so forth.  Imagine the heart break some consumers must feel when they find great deals on such items as a Nelson Style 5 Ft Bench, or the Tribeca Coffee Table, only to find the showroom is fifty miles away…or further!

Ezmod solves this problem by providing high quality modern classic furniture available online at prices that can’t be beat.  As a premier online furniture store, Ezmod provides consumers with countless options for furnishing their house, apartment, town home or office.  We understand that furniture makes a statement about its owner, and modern classic furniture even more so.  Our prices are often far below list price, with some prices even adding up to 50 percent lower than the list price.  Our designs are impeccable, and available to anyone, no matter where they live.

Getting great deals on modern classic furniture is difficult, especially when you see something priced to move.  Ezmod’s Eaze Lounge Chair+Ottoman is priced ridiculously low, at more than $1,200 below the list price.  If we were a local department store, this deal would only be available to those within driving distance.  However, at Ezmod, you can buy this item no matter where you live and get the deal you’ve been looking for on modern classic furniture.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Joseph Marchelewski

At Ezmod Furniture, our selection of modern classic furniture is one of the best in the industry.  We also offer prices on all types of furniture that can save you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. 

One of the newest ways people are making full use of the space in their home, and saving money on entertainment, is by creating home theaters.  A home theater usually involves getting a very large screen television, a great sound system, a Blu-Ray player and theater seats.  These components make anyone’s living room go from a place to play Scrabble to a live in movie theater.  Home theaters have been all the rage for quite sometime, and Ezmod is helping homeowners and consumers get great deals on theater seats as well as on other modern classic furniture.

We offer three different seating arrangements and two different colors at prices that will blow your mind.  For example, you can get two Cannes Theater Seats in Black for just $850, which is $340 below the list price!  In fact, the more seats you get, the more you save!  Four seats are just $1,400, which is over $800 off the list price.  The seats come in brown and black to match whatever color scheme you have in your living room.

The Cannes Theater Seats are perfect for your living room or media room, contains plush polyurethane foam cushions and are easy to use recliners.  The even have cup holders to make your movie theater experience complete!

If you have chosen to build a home theater in your house, condo or town home, then the Cannes Theater Seats are the perfect choice.  They offer great quality, beautiful design and are available on Ezmod’s website for outrageously low prices.

Ezmod Furniture is America’s choice for modern classic furniture for every room in the house, apartment or office.  We provide reproductions that fit any aesthetic taste, any color scheme and at prices that will fit even the tightest budget.  If you are looking for high quality modern classic furniture, look no further than Ezmod.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

At Ezmod Furniture, our selection of modern classic furniture offers consumers an opportunity to get high quality furniture for any room in their house at a price they can afford.  However, there are many department stores that charge excessively high prices for furniture that really is not what one would consider modern, or really even classic.

Pottery Barn came out with financial news this week, announcing that they are beginning to recover from the economic crisis.  Pottery Barn was in a difficult situation since their prices for furniture were quite high, often outside the price range of the average American consumer.  While the financial reports were better than expected, the ability of the average consumer to purchase a piece of furniture at Pottery Barn has not improved.  In fact, Pottery Barn (which also owns Williams-Sonoma) saw an overall drop of 2.7% of their revenue last year.  The company had to close numerous “under performing” stores in an effort to cut losses.

The question is, can a consumer get high quality modern classic furniture from these types of furniture stores at a price that is reasonable.  Unfortunately, the answer seems to be “no” because the overall economy is still hurting the wallets and budgets of most Americans.  At Ezmod, our prices are great, and our selection is extensive.  From the bedroom to the living room, and from the dining room to the office, consumers can find the type of furniture that will save them money on the front end and last a long time.

Furniture stores have marked up furniture, sales quotas, pushy sales people and more, all of which can make the shopping experience a difficult one.  While consumers may just want to take some time to compare prices, they might feel pressured by sales people who are obligated to get as many sales per day as possible.  This problem is eliminated at Ezmod Furniture, because our website clearly demonstrates the selection, color and price of every piece of modern classic furniture without putting any pressure on the customer.  Online shopping has become the preferred avenue for most consumers, and buying online furniture is no different. 

Ezmod’s excellent selection of modern classic furniture provides unique, one of a kind furniture options for any room in your house, condo, town home or office.  The website regularly features new sales and promotions, and our shipping costs are extremely low.  Instead of high priced department stores that have a limited selection, try looking at the options provided by Ezmod Furniture.

0 Comments | Posted in Sales & Deals By Joseph Marchelewski

Great Chairs at Great Prices

Mar 22, 2010 10:34:12 AM

Ezmod Furniture, the home of premier modern classic furniture, is offering great prices on a number of their chairs.  A number of dinner chairs, recliners and even rocking chairs are on sale with incredible discounts. Consumers can furnish their apartments for a fraction of what they would spend at a department store, or even at another online furniture retailer.

Eiffel Molded Chairs

Ezmod is offering great discounts on a pair of Eiffel Molded Chairs, either in black or in white.  These chairs are listed at $260.00 at most retailers, but Ezmod is selling the pair for just $149.99!  That means that consumers can get a pair of chairs that fit in the kitchen, the living room or even the office for over 40 percent off!  Offering both black and white chairs means you can mix and match any color scheme in your home for a fraction of what it would cost at a department store.

You can also get huge discounts on the Eiffel Molded Chrome Arm Chairs, with discounts over 50 percent.  Instead of paying $495.00, the list price for two of these chairs, you will pay only a base price of just $219.99 at Ezmod.

Rocking Chairs

There was a time when every home had a rocking chair, either for a mom nursing a child or for a elderly relative.  Ezmod is helping to bring that grand tradition back by offering major discounts on the Molded White Plastic Rocker.  With a discount of almost 60 percent, you can enjoy the comfort and tradition of a rocking chair.

Tulip Side Chair

For dinner, kids rooms or just for aesthetic purposes, there might be no better chair than the Tulip Side Chair.  Ezmod is offering fantastic discounts on both the black and red versions, discounting over $110 per chair! 

LeCorbusier Chaise

If it’s a reclining chair you are looking for, look no further than the LeCorbusier Chaise which comes in black leather.  This item normally runs for upwards of $700; yet Ezmod Furniture, the home of modern classic furniture, is offering the chair for just $499.99.

As you can see, we are offering some of the best modern classic chairs for a fraction of what you would pay at a department store, an online furniture store or anywhere else. 

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

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