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Truly Modern Furniture

Apr 7, 2010 4:13:15 PM

One of the truly modern chairs offered by Ezmod Furniture is the Casey Black Accent Chair.  This chair is not just an example of modern furniture, it is an example of a versatile piece of furniture that fits perfectly in a number of different environments.  Having modern furniture that can mix and match the rest of the furniture in your home is incredibly important to anyone wanting to either save money or save space, and the Casey Accent Chair achieves that goal.


This modern chair is made of Aluminum with chrome legs.  The chair will arrive to you fully assembled and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Being able to use this chair inside your home as well as one your patio or deck is another major benefit.  The unique design is reminiscent of a spider web, providing back support and a comfortable seating option along with a great talking piece.

Where to Put It

The Casey Black Accent Chair fits the bill for the living room, the dining room or the office.  For anyone looking for great modern furniture for their dining room, the Casey Chair is perfect.  Priced at almost one-third off of the list price, having four, or more, of these chairs around a dinner table would give any dining room an incredibly modern look.  Additionally, having this chair in any office or conference room will provide a one of a kind environment for doing business without having to spend thousands to do it.

Of the many modern furniture options offered by Ezmod Furniture, the Casey Black Accent Chair might be the ultimate in modern design.  Like many of the items we sell, it is priced far below the list price ($139 instead of the list price of $199) and comes fully assembled to save you the hassle of putting it together.  Ezmod is dedicated to providing the kind of modern furniture consumers are looking for, the kind that defines their homes or offices in a truly unique way.  While our competitors offer furniture that is either over priced or over hyped, Ezmod provides unique furniture at a unique price, allowing you to get every item you need for your house, condo or town home.

To purchase the Casey Black Accent Chair, or any other piece of modern furniture for every room in your home, go to today.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Corona Petal Chair – Truly Unique

Apr 9, 2010 12:04:06 PM

When people shop for modern classic furniture, they usually want a great price, great quality and the kind of individual expression that marks their own personality.  Often times this can be hard to find at a department store or even a furniture chain, because these outlets are trying to appeal to the most broad audience possible.  However, at Ezmod, we invest time, energy and resources into finding modern classic furniture that is truly unique, without sacrificing comfort, quality or price.  The Corona Petal Chair and Ottoman is a revolutionary item that captures the imagination while simultaneously providing a comfortable seating option for your home or office.

The Corona Petal Chair is inspired by Poul M. Volther who was a Danish furniture and lighting designer throughout most of the 20th century.  He belonged to a generation of Danish architexts and designers who had solid roots in high quality craftsmanship, making his designs practical as well as stylish. 

The sculptural form of the chair is foreign to most American consumers who are used to chairs fitting a certain mold.  However, this design is not only unique in its aesthetic value, but also in its ability to provide proper back support and seating comfort.  Truly modern furniture such as this makes it ideal for anyone creating a modern look in their apartment, loft, house, office or some other space.  The vital design elements of the petal swivel chair combine organic expression with ergonomics and functionality.  Often, modern furniture can be painful to look at and use; the Corona Petal Chair and Ottoman achieves successful results on both counts.

Ezmod is able to offer this chair at an amazing price, far below the list price.  Normally the chair goes for $1,200, but we are offering this piece of modern furniture at just $859!  That is a savings of over 25 percent, allowing you to look into other pieces of modern furniture for your home as well.  If you want modern furniture like the Corona Petal Chair filling up your house, apartment, town home or office, look no further than the countless options available at Ezmod Furniture.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

At Ezmod Furniture, our goal is to provide more than just furniture for your house, apartment, condo or office.  We want to be a resource for your every design need, including ideas for how to implement your modern home furniture.  For example, styles change every few years, and while we want to provide furniture for your home, we also want to help you get ideas on what furniture will fit best with your design aesthetic.

Modern home furniture can be expensive; however, at Ezmod, we have dropped many of our prices so far below list price that you will do a double take.  We have discounts of 30 percent, 40 percent and even 50 percent on items that are in high demand.  Here are some other design tips for modern home furniture that will help you stretch every dollar and make your apartment look as amazing as possible.

 - If you cannot purchase a $5,000 sofa, look for beautifully designed pillows that can enhance the overall aura of your couch.  A beautiful textile like, hand embroidered pillow, or even one with a  graphic, can make a plain couch or sofa go from ordinary to extraordinary. 

 - Look for colors, not dollars.  At Ezmod, we provide modern home furniture that fits any color palate, and really a homeowner should be looking closely at every color choice possible.  Stay away from drab colors such as gray and beige, and use reds, blues and yellows to bring your home to life.  At Ezmod, our modern home furniture comes in a variety of colors and designs, and they can be purchased for a great price.  Instead of paying $4,000 for the same black leather sofa everyone else you know has, look at Ezmod’s seating selection to find modern home furniture that is one of a kind.

 - Look for items that can be used indoors and out.  At Ezmod, a number of our seating choices can be used in your home or outdoors on your deck, porch or patio.  Modern home furniture is often characterized by its multiple uses, especially at a time when people need to stretch their dollars.  Rather than having different sets of furniture for indoors and outdoors, find modern home furniture that is easy to clean and can be used wherever, whenever.  For example, chairs such as the Casey Black Accent Chair are perfect for indoor use as well as for the outdoors, giving you the flexibility you need for any space in or out of your house.

These are just a few design ideas for your home, please check back regularly to learn new ideas on how to organize your modern home furniture.  Ezmod Furniture will do its best to give you the information you need to make your home look amazing.

0 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Joseph Marchelewski

Modern Furniture for Urban Homes

Jun 4, 2010 3:40:16 PM

For several years, Americans were obsessed with larger homes.  If you travel to just about any newer suburban housing tract, you will likely find vaulted ceilings, three-car garages and several thousand square feet of living space.  In the last year or two, however, the pendulum has begun to swing back in the other direction with homebuyers beginning to prefer smaller, more efficient urban homes that are just steps away from shopping, entertainment and community.  While the smaller urban homes can be more environmentally friendly and closer to all of the most important things in your life, they are not without their challenges, namely limited space.  As a result, designers have started designing furniture with simple, clean lines and multi-functionality to help urban home dwellers maximize their space and keep their homes looking uncluttered and stylish.  If you are in the process of furnishing a smaller space, then EZ Mod Furniture has exactly the modern furniture solutions you need.

EZ Mod furniture has several items that not only have multiple uses, but feature the dynamic, clean lines and colors so characteristic of modern furniture designs.  If you are looking for a comfortable bed but are short on space, consider EZ Mod’s Artie microfiber futon where the backrest lays flat to form a bed.  This beige-colored sofa is a budget-friendly $535.  If you need extra storage space in your living room, consider our magazine rack coffee tables and end tables.  Made of either clear or black acrylic, these tables have a simple flat top with folded over ends that provide a perfectly-sized space to store magazines or other reading materials.  Both the coffee tables and end tables are suitable for outdoor use as well and indoor, and the end tables have the added bonus of being sturdy enough to double as stools when you have guests over.  If you have a small dining area that you don’t want to be limited in style, EZ Mod has several modern furniture designs for you to choose from.  If the only dining space you have is a counter-height bar, EZ Mod’s Omicron barstools are just the ticket.  These round barstools come in either black or white vinyl with a shiny steel finish and feature a curved, padded back rest for comfort and support.  Omicron barstools are sold in sets of two for just $220.  If you have a little more room for a dining table and chairs, EZ Mod’s Verner Panton-inspired “S” chairs are stylish, stackable and come in either red white or black to suit your color scheme. 

0 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Joseph Marchelewski

For many people, the sleek look of certain bar stools reminds them of a glamorous cocktail hour with friends in a trendy, uptown bar.  Whether you have a lot of space in your home or just a little, you can bring that exact look into your home with bar stools from EZ Mod Furniture.  EZ Mod Furniture features one of the best selections of modern furniture available in southern California and has an extensive collection of bar stools to fit every style, size and budget.

To really achieve the high-end look of modern furniture in your home, consider EZ Mod’s LEM Piston style bar stool.  With the sleek, clean lines of modern furniture design, this bar stool has a steel frame designed to dip down in the front and double as a foot rest.  Available in either walnut finish or black vinyl, the seat gently curves down underneath your legs and up a few inches behind your lower back for support.  Both bar stools also feature a rubber ring around the base to protect sensitive wood or marble flooring and swivel a full 360 degrees.   EZ Mod’s LEM Piston style bar stools are also height adjustable.  And while most modern furniture retailers would sell these gorgeous bar stools for as much as $155 each, EZ Mod carries them for just $129. 

EZ Mod Furniture’s Omicron bar stools also feature the sleek, simple look of modern furniture, with the added advantage of extra padding.  Both the circular seat and back rest on the Omicron bar stools are comfortably padded and supported by a round, steel tube frame.  The Omicron bar stool is height adjustable and comes in sets of two in either black or white vinyl for just $220. 

If you like the “Ghost Bar” look, then you will love EZ Mod Furniture’s clear acrylic bar stools.  With a round seat and four attached legs all made entirely of clear acrylic, these bar stools not only match any color scheme, but are sure attention getters.  Each of the four legs is non-marking to protect your flooring.  These acrylic bar stools come fully assembled in sets of two for just $289 – a steal compared to the list price of $468 at competitors’ stores. 

If you are looking to furnish your home or office with high quality modern furniture, then look no further than EZ Mod Furniture.  Come in today to see our wide variety of stylish barstools for your home.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Modern Designs in Bedroom Furniture

Jun 23, 2010 1:13:43 PM

When most people think of modern furniture designs, they may envision the straight, simple lines of sofas by Le Corbusier, coffee tables inspired by the sculptural presence of Isamu Noguchi and even the use of such unusual materials as acrylic or plastic.  Most of these items would typically be found in a person’s living room, or even dining room.  Bedroom furniture, however, stubbornly tends to remain ornate carved-wood or metal framed beds with matching dressers and nightstands for most people.  EZ Mod Furniture, however, makes it a priority to bring quality modern furniture design into bedrooms all over the country as well as living rooms, offices and dining rooms. 

Even if the majority of bedroom furniture persists in being elaborately carved wooden headboards and matching footboards, or fussy metal frames with floral motifs, EZ Mod is proud to offer several fabric or leather-covered bed with all the simplicity of line and style that is so characteristic of modern furniture design.  EZ Mod’s “Utrecht” bed features a padded headboard and footboard upholstered in Bicast leather with contrasted stitching for a stylish hint of contrasted color.  EZ Mod’s CHO bed is padded and covered with dark twill fabric and features under-mattress storage for those particularly tight on space.  For safety, the bed locks in place when raised to access storage.  Brass-toned nails line the top and side seams of the tall, simple headboard for a dramatic yet refined look. 

When it comes to modern furniture design, EZ Mod does not scrimp on quality, but still manages to offer some of the best prices around.  EZ Mod’s queen-sized Utrecht bed would sell for as much as $830 at other furniture retailers, but EZ Mod offers it at the much more budget-friendly $729.99.  The CHO fabric-covered bed would cost you up to $1,500 at other stores, but EZ Mod offers an even bigger savings in this case, selling the bed for $400 less at just $1,099.99. 

Just because you need bedroom furniture does not mean you have to settle for the fussy, old-fashioned styles that remind you of your grandmother’s house.  EZ Mod Furniture makes it a point to carry the clean, simple lines of modern furniture design as far into your home as the bedroom.  Besides being a place to sleep, your bedroom should be a place to relax that reflects the modern style of the rest of your house.  If you are looking for stylish furniture to fill your bedroom, come in to EZ Mod Furniture today.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

The Comeback of Modern Furniture Design

Jun 30, 2010 9:34:14 AM

Anyone who follows trends in home furnishings knows that the public’s taste is cyclical.  For the last few years, it was the “shabby chic” look that invaded stores and made its way into people’s homes in an attempt to make a house look comfortable and well-worn.  Inevitably, however, tastes are once again changing and this time furniture design is trending back towards the clean, simple style of modernism. 

Modern furniture design, which really came to prominence towards the middle of the 20th century, is characterized by bright color schemes, clean, unadorned lines and the use of nontraditional materials for common furniture pieces.  Take, for example, the work of Japanese American designer Isamu Noguchi:  his wood and glass coffee table is as much a sculptural work of art as it is a functional coffee table.  The table top is a softly rounded glass triangle supported by a wooden base.  The two halves of the base are identical and inverted, creating a sort of mirror image of each other.  Noguchi’s modern classic design stands in a stark contrast to more traditional (or even “shabby chic”) versions of coffee tables which tended to be entirely made of wood, often with elaborately carved details. 

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of modern classic furniture design is provided by the work of Swiss-French designer Le Corbusier.  His three-seat sofas remain iconic for their modern style and feel.  Unlike traditional sofas that feature rounded edges and have an over-stuffed, cozy look, Le Corbusier’s sofas are highly structured with clean, straight lines on all the cushions, a straight back and a stainless steel tube frame to pull the cushions together and give the couch support and shape.  While still providing a comfortable place to sit, this sofa is far from shabby. 

If you are looking to furnish your home or office in the modern classic style, come to EZ Mod Furniture.  At EZ Mod, we make it a point to offer high-quality reproductions of iconic modern furniture designs at prices that are friendly to any budget.  The Le Corbusier sofa mentioned above can retail for over $1,000 at other modern furniture stores, but you can find it at EZ Mod for just $819.  The Isamu Noguchi coffee table we talked about is just $360 at EZ Mod while other stores sell it for as much as $500.  Come to EZ Mod Furniture today to find quality modern classic furniture reproductions at amazing prices. 

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Joseph Marchelewski

Most people want their home or office to look smart and stylish.  If you are on a tight budget, however, you might feel the need to sacrifice some of your style in order to be practical.  Your personal style might be the clean, trim lines and innovative shapes of modern furniture design, and if it is, then EZ Mod Furniture is just the place for you to find exactly the pieces for your home or office that you have been looking for.    At EZ Mod, we make it a point to offer quality reproductions of some of the most sought-after modern furniture designs at prices that will save you bundles of money. 

Take, for instance, the wooden slat bench designed by American modern furniture design pioneer George Nelson:  while other furniture retailers list its price at $335, EZ Mod Furniture offers it to you for just $209.  First designed in 1948, this solid yet simple hardwood bench features slats in a natural finish atop black wooden legs.  Because the design of the Nelson bench is so simple, it can be used for a variety of purposes such as extra seating, a place to display plants or artwork and can even be used as a coffee table.  Popular because of its simple but appealing design, the Nelson bench can be seen in homes, offices, lobbies and even libraries all over the world.  EZ Mod also goes one step further and offers it in a black on black option to better fit your home or office’s color scheme, as well as in either four-foot-long or five-foot-long versions. 

EZ Mod Furniture is able to offer you both quality and great prices by selling directly over the internet with no middlemen around to take a cut.  We are able to keep prices low and to ensure that you get the most for your money by working directly with vendors and manufacturing our products in our very own factory.  Where ordering larger items such as sofas or dinner tables over the internet typically gets expensive is when shipping costs are calculated, but at EZ Mod we also offer free shipping to anywhere in the 48 continental United States, without requiring a minimum purchase.  Not only are you saving money with our discount prices, but you’re saving potentially hundreds of dollars in shipping fees as well.  For stylish yet economical modern furniture designs, the choice is simple:  EZ Mod Furniture has the best selection of modern furniture designs at prices you can afford. 

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Joseph Marchelewski

Modern Furniture Design Innovations

Jul 6, 2010 11:51:52 AM

One of the biggest departures of modern furniture design from more traditional furniture design is in the use of materials.  Traditional furniture designers tend to stick with tried-and-true materials such as wood, especially for important furniture pieces such as a coffee table.  Modern furniture designers, however, have experimented with new materials and methods such as acrylic, plastic, fiberglass, metal, glass, and even molded plywood.  The effect of using these more unusual materials makes a big difference in the look and feel of a living room or office.  Acrylic and plastic have the ability to take on shapes and forms that wood cannot, while also having color possibilities that are generally not available from wood furniture.  At EZ Mod Furniture, we are proud to offer some of the finest modern classic furniture reproductions to give your home with the sleek, clean look of modernism.

One of the most versatile and innovative furniture offerings you’ll find at EZ Mod is the set of three acrylic nesting coffee tables.  These simple, three-sided pieces come in either black or clear acrylic to fit your room’s color scheme and are three different sizes to suit your space’s needs.  They function well as both end tables or coffee tables and because they are not attached to each other, can be placed all around your home or office to display plants or artwork, to put your coffee mug on when you want to put it down, or can be used as a convenient place to drop your purse or briefcase when you come home.  The clear set makes an especially useful addition to a room if you want to highlight a pretty rug underneath or interesting wood or tile floor pattern.  Both the clear and black sets are made of high-quality acrylic, which makes them scratch-resistant and built to last. 

Not only does EZ Mod Furniture present iconic modern classic furniture designs, but they do so at prices significantly lower than other modern furniture stores.  Both the black and clear sets of acrylic nesting coffee tables would sell for as much as $180 at other stores, but EZ Mod offers the set for just $145.  EZ Mod Furniture also offers free shipping to anywhere in the continental US to help you avoid costly shipping fees.  If you’re looking for a simple, sturdy and stylish coffee table to pull together your home or office, visit our website today to find great deals on modern classic furniture

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Modern Furniture for Your Dining Room

Aug 6, 2010 1:16:33 PM

Who doesn’t like to sit down to a good meal in a sleek, modern dining room?  While a comfortable dining room requires only a table and sturdy chairs, dining room furniture styles can vary widely.  The look of modern furniture, especially dining room furniture, can really add to your dining experience.  While many people stick with traditional wooden tables and chairs, modern furniture designs offer some innovations that are both sophisticated and exciting and EZ Mod Furniture has a large variety of all the best modern furniture designs.

In the middle of the 20th century, modern furniture designers began experimenting with new materials for dining room furniture with spectacular results.  Technological advancements in plastic, metal and even plywood made all sorts of designs possible that would have been impossible with standard wood and older furniture design techniques.  Finnish American designer and architect Eero Saarinen’s experiments with molded plastic produced the iconic “Tulip” chair and its matching fiberglass dinner table.  Composed of a curved, almost egg-like black or white plastic shell, the seat of the Tulip chair comes either with arms or without and sits atop a sturdy aluminum base that looks much like the stem of a flower.  EZ Mod Furniture offers these beautiful chairs in either black or white, and with removable round red or black seat cushions for a comfortable place to sit in during those long after-dinner chats over a glass of wine or cup of coffee.  The rather “Space Age” look of the Tulip chairs even earned them spots on some of television’s most popular shows about space travel in the 1960s.  The matching round, white table has a nearly identical, stem-like base, is 29 inches high and comes in diameters of either 35 or 47 inches to fit both larger and smaller dining rooms.  

If the Space Age look isn’t quite right, but you still love modern furniture, consider EZ Mod Furniture’s Bertoia-style wire mesh chairs.  Metal is a bit of an unusual material for dining room furniture, but Harry Bertoia, an Italian American artist, jewelry maker and modern furniture designer, transforms industrial steel wire into a large, sturdy and comfortable place to sit.  Contoured to fit the human body, this chair also features a leatherette-padded foam cushion in black, white or red and is sure to match any dining room’s color scheme. 

If you are looking for quality modern furniture at prices you can afford, then EZ Mod Furniture is the place to go.

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