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The Petal Chair

Jun 7, 2010 6:02:17 PM

Few things evoke the era of space-age style in the 1960s as much as EZ Mod Furniture’s Petal Chair.  Inspired by Danish modern furniture designer Poul Volther’s 1961 masterpiece the Corona Chair, EZ Mod’s Petal chair is sure to delight anyone who is a fan of modern furniture’s more space-age, swinging 60s-inspired phase.  Initially, Volther’s Corona chair was given its name because of its uncanny resemblance to the path of the sun as it moved through its various phases in the sky during an eclipse.

EZ Mod Furniture has taken great pains to re-craft Volther’s Corona chair and its character.  The Petal chair is composed of four elliptically-shaped pads of descending size that appear to be floating atop one another.  In reality, all four pads are held together by a chrome-plated steel frame that provides the chair with some much-needed stability, curving both underneath and behind the four seat pads.  The base of the chair, like the frame, is chrome-plated steel and conveniently swivels for more mobility.  The largest pad forms the comfortable seat with either of both ends gently curving upwards to form armrests.  The remaining three seat pads provide support for the lower back, shoulders and head.  The chair pads tilt back at a relaxing angle to encourage greater relaxation.  EZ Mod Furniture also sells this modern furniture classic with a conveniently matching footstool, also with an elliptically-shaped pad and steel base, to make it even more comfortable.  The chair pads and footstool are all made of velour microfiber and are available in either black or red to suit your room’s color scheme. 

While EZ Mod Furniture prides itself on bringing quality reproductions of iconic modern furniture pieces into your homes, it also does so at prices that are affordable for nearly every budget.  The Petal chair, for example, retails for as much as $1,200 at some competitors’ stores.   EZ Mod Furniture, however, sells the Petal chair at a much more budget-friendly $859.  Modern furniture’s great style and design do not mean much when they are too expensive for the average person to be able to afford them. 

If you are furnishing your home or office and enjoy the clean, unfussy lines of modern furniture, EZ Mod Furniture should be your first (and last) stop for modern furniture at great prices.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

One of the most important pieces in your living room is your coffee table.  While it is true that a couch or some sort of seating is absolutely essential, having the right coffee table to pair with your couch or chairs will absolutely pull the style of your furnishings together and become a highly functional unit in your living room.  Aside from serving as a great place to put your drink or media remotes, coffee tables can also provide extra storage in your living room.  If you are looking for a stylish, modern classic coffee table or end table to finish your living room, look no further than EZ Mod Furniture. 

EZ Mod Furniture has one of the widest selections of modern classic coffee tables and end tables around, and at some of the best prices in town.  Whether you are looking for wood, glass, acrylic, Lucite or metal, EZ Mod has the perfect coffee or end table for you.  Featuring reproductions from some of modern furniture design’s biggest names, EZ Mod even offers some models in multiple colors to suit your decorating needs.  The Tribeca coffee table, inspired by Japanese American designer Isamu Noguchi, features a rounded triangular glass top with a sculptural wood base that is available in either natural or black.  Because the glass top is clear in this coffee table, the sculptural base is readily visible to anyone, making the table both functional and a work of art.  The iconic tempered glass and metal frame end table designed in 1924 by famed designer Eileen Gray is available in both chrome steel and black metal frames with the added benefit of being height adjustable according to your needs. 

EZ Mod’s Magazine Rack coffee table comes in either black or clear acrylic and features convenient pockets under each end that are perfect for storing magazines or small books.  EZ Mod also carries matching end tables that both have space for more print material and can double as stools when you have company over.  Both the coffee table and end tables are suitable for outdoor use, as well. 

As everyone knows, great quality and design do not come cheaply, but don’t expect to spend a fortune for a coffee table at EZ Mod Furniture.  The Isamu Noguchi-inspired Tribeca coffee table that is sold for over $500 at other stores is priced at a budget-friendly $360 at EZ Mod.  Come visit us today for more information on the great quality and prices EZ Mod Furniture offers on the furniture you need.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

When you are decorating your home with modern classic furniture, you might be one of those who believe less is more.  In this instance, you want to find colors that fit your mindset and furniture that can seat many without taking up a great deal of space.  At Ezmod Furniture, our wonderful selection of modern classic furniture allows for your “less is more” motto to flourish.

Maybe you want a chair that is simple, maybe you want a chair that doesn’t even appear to exist.  Either way, Ezmod has you covered.  The Bertoia Style Wire Chair comes in a number of colors and is such a minimalist piece that it can almost appear as if the cushion it holds if floating on thin air.  It’s a reproduction of an iconic chair, based upon the original design by Harry Bertoia.  For a chair that is even less conspicuous, look no further than the Clear Acrylic Ghost Armless Chair we carry.  Not only is the clear material perfect for blending in, but the low cost will make your wallet seem as if no money has disappeared once you have purchased it.

Coffee Tables
For most American homes, coffee tables are anything but minimalist.  Clunky and large, most coffee tables, even those that are great examples of modern classic furniture, can be too large, too tall or just not useful enough.  At Ezmod, we every consumer a variety of choices, including those that fall under the “less is more” category.  The Eileen Gray Style Side Table and the Tribeca Coffee Table are both great examples of coffee tables and side tables that possess great design without being eyesores.  The Acrylic Nesting Coffee Table is another “invisible” example of modern classic furniture.

No matter what room in the house you are looking to furnish, Ezmod’s modern classic furniture collection can help you achieve your goal without buying overpriced, overhyped furniture.  Our styles range from eye-catching to “less is more,” allowing our website to cater to the needs of any customer.  To learn more, check out today.

0 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Joseph Marchelewski

Whenever you purchase a new piece of modern classic furniture, it should be while considering the overall interior design of your home.  For example, while a couch may look great in the showroom, or in an online photo, it may not actually look that great when paired with all of the other items in your apartment, house or town home.

If you have a dining room that features modern design and colors that blend well, you should look into Ezmod's modern classic furniture selection, specifically the Tessa 8 piece dining set.  The collection features clean lines and rich styling, perfect for any modern decor.  If you are looking to get a dining room set that fits your modern interior design, this set could be perfect. 

For your living room, it is widely known that a good looking ottoman can tie the room together, and Ezmod's modern classic furniture collection includes some of the highest quality, high fashion ottomans available today.  The Nox Dark Brown Ottoman and the Full Leather Cocktail Ottoman are perfect examples of modern design with a classic touch.  Both of these items are crafted to stand the tests of time and use, and will last you quite a while.  Both of these items also offer significant percentages off the suggested list price, allowing the consumer to get the deals they need on the furniture they want.

If it is bedroom modern classic furniture you are looking for, Ezmod has a wonderful selection of fabric beds, leather beds and platforms beds that will fit in with any design aesthetic.  For example, the Utrecht Leather Queen Bed combines a rich, full color with the type of quality that marks every item offered by Ezmod Furniture.  We are offering it at over 10 percent off of the suggested list price as well.

As you can see, whether you have a classical interior design taste, or a more modern flair, Ezmod Furniture has exactly the modern classic furniture that will suit your fashion sense and your budget.  To learn more and to see the amazing collection Ezmod has to offer, go to today and look for yourself.

0 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Joseph Marchelewski

Modern Classic Furniture Delivery

May 12, 2010 10:30:11 AM

Shopping for modern classic furniture is an intense process, filled with price comparisons, hours of testing and negotiating with sales people.  The process can be ruined however if the company, department store or furniture store is not able to deliver your furniture on time.  The Internet complaint boards are filled with people who spent hours trying to choose the right couch or chair, only to have the retailer fail to deliver the item on time.

Here are just a few complaints people have had regarding the deliver of their modern classic furniture:

 - I bought a dining room table and a sectional from bobs on 12/09 delivery address corrected 4 times they still got that wrong. Called about table having a chipped piece they tried to convince me it was meant to be that way.

 - My wife and I ordered a dining room set for $8, 000. They told us when it would be delivered, and that we would receive a call the day before to schedule delivery. When no call came, I called the store, who told me they sub-contracted out delivery to some outfit known as Executive Delivery. Hah. I called the number, and could only get to voice mail. Once they have your money, you're pretty much on your own.

 - My wife & I purchased a sofa and chairs on 2-1-09, since it was an import I was told that it take 12 to 16 weeks upon delivery, around the 20th week and countless calls my furniture was delivered.  Two weeks after delivery I noticed the padding on one of the arms was missing, after continuous calls and months passing, an agent came out to my home inspected the chair and confirmed it needed to be replaced.  A follow-up letter was delivered to me on 2-16-10 stating I would receive the replacement within 10-12 weeks, after the tenth week, calls were made to the company on the status of the arm, since it was replaceable.  On 5-10-10 I received a call stating I would receive a re placement chair at no cost, but it take another 10-=12 weeks. 

As you can see, just picking the right modern classic furniture for you is not the end of the process.  If you choose a retailer that does not care about its customers, you could be waiting months and months to receive your furniture, instead of days or weeks. 

At Ezmod, our delivery policy is honest and straight forward.  Orders usually ship within 1-3 business days, customer orders may take 6-8 weeks, and on any out of stock items we will notify you immediately.  If you do not want to wait for an out of stock item, you can get a refund.  We also have a comprehensive and straight forward return policy.

Ezmod does not just provide modern classic furniture; we provide quality service with an eye towards serving every one of our customers’ needs.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Joseph Marchelewski

Modern Classic Furniture for Kids

May 10, 2010 4:17:32 PM

One of the great things about Ezmod’s collection of modern classic furniture is that so many different items are perfect for children.  Our furniture offerings possess the colors, durability and overall design perfect for all ages.  For example, below are a few items that might fit perfectly in your kids’ room.

Plywood Lounge Chair with Pony Hide
The Earnes Molded Plywood Lounge Chair is truly an iconic piece of modern classic furniture, and its look appeals to children as well as teenagers.  The original version of this chair permanently resides in New York’s famed Museum of Modern Art.  It was originally designed in 1946 and was ahead of its time.  The list price for this chair is $360, but Ezmod has this listed at just $235, quite a deal for such an iconic item.

Bubble Chair
Ezmod’s Bubble Chair is a reproduction of a mid-century classic and an amazingly unique piece of modern classic furniture.  Originally designed Aarnio, our reproduction is based on the original Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair.  This chair, which hangs from the ceiling, is so unique and comfortable that the Norwegian telephone company Telenor installed some of them in the entrance to their new building in Oslo.  The list price for the Bubble Chair is just under $1,800, but Ezmod has them for sale at half that price!

Kids Panton Style S Chair
The Kids Panton Style S Chair comes in black and red, and the design is based upon the original design of the adult version.  The original chair was designed in 1967 and is seen as an original modern classic piece of furniture.  The list price of this item goes for $199.99, but Ezmod’s price once again beats the list price by 50 percent!  We have the chair for sale for less than $100.

Lip Kiss Chair
Children, pre-teens and teenagers want furniture that can stand up to a beating and that looks great.  The Red Kiss Chair is a piece of modern classic furniture that will amaze their friends and stand up to spilled drinks, dropped popcorn and more.  The chair is normally listed at $800, but Ezmod has it at $500.

Lip Kiss Loveseat
The Lip Kiss Loveseat goes perfectly with Lip Kiss Chair, but it provides a wider seating area for your children.  At $200 below the list price, this modern classic masterpiece is covered in red fabric and has the shape of a pair of kissing lips. 

As you can see, Ezmod’s selection of modern classic furniture suits the needs of parents looking to furnish the bedrooms, play rooms and living rooms of their children.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Ezmod Furniture is not the type of online furniture store that offers generic items at a marked up rate.  We offer a unique opportunity for consumers to purchase one of a kind modern classic furniture at prices that they will not find anywhere else, either online or in stores. 

We also offer a creative selection of items for any home or office, including bar stools.  With apartments, town homes and houses featuring breakfast bars and other tall table settings, our selection of modern classic furniture can adapt to the setting of any home.  Instead of boring bar stools made of pine, we offer the kinds of seating options which can breathe life into a static room with little effort.

Below are four bar stools that are perfect examples of quality modern classic furniture at a price that is simply unparalleled:

LEM Piston Style Bar Stool – Normally priced at $155, the Piston Style bar stool comes in black and is on sale for just $129 at Ezmod.  This item’s sleek look is truly modern and it’s colors will match perfectly with virtually any kitchen or dining room.

Omicron Bar Stools – If you are looking for bar stools that demonstrate classic furniture design while featuring a modern look at the same time, look no further than the Omicron Bar Stools.  At Ezmod, we sell these in pairs and they come in white and black.  Normally these will retail for $280, but at Ezmod we have them for sale at just $220.  That is over 20 percent off the list price!

Acrylic Ghost Bar Stools – For a more traditional bar stool, try the Ghost bar stools.  Made with clear acrylic, these chairs can fit any design color scheme.  We also sells these in pairs at a price that is truly unbeatable.  Normally these fine examples of modern classic furniture would sell for $468; however, at Ezmod we are selling them for just $289.  That is over $170 off the list price!

Espresso Full Leather Stool – If you want a bar stool with a full back, try the Espresso stools we currently feature.  These are dark brown, go well with traditional kitchen styles and are high-quality.  These chairs normally retail at $250, but Ezmod is selling them for just $199.99 each.

As you can see, Ezmod Furniture has everything you need when it comes to bar stools.  Go to our website and see our full selection of bar stools and the rest of our modern classic furniture.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Joseph Marchelewski

Changing Furniture Industry

May 3, 2010 12:23:24 PM

Ravaged by the recent recession, both the housing industry and the furniture industry have been radically changed.  Furniture industry executives and investors who pay special attention to the furniture have seen remarkable changes.  In 2007, the domestic furniture and mattress industry had sales worth $91 billion.  In 2008, that number dropped 10 percent due to the crushing recession that hit every industry.  In 2009, the dropoff continued with another 15 percent drop.  People are holding onto their furniture longer, shopping for deals or looking for great deals on modern classic furniture.

One third of the 100 biggest furniture retailers over the last 10 years have closed, including large names such as Huffman Koos, Good’s, Seaman’s, Levitz and Wickes.  Such radical overhaul has created a vacuum which new furniture retailers have stepped into, such as Ezmod Furniture which offers unique modern classic furniture at an amazing price.

To be honest though, the reason Ezmod Furniture is thriving in the modern classic furniture industry, and the reason so many other retailers are falling apart, has much to do with conditions before the recession started.  People are less interested in buying furniture from department stores that are bulky, expensive, un-original and marked up.  People in urban centers have smaller apartments and cannot purchase the large furniture sold by many department stories. Ezmod offers furniture that fits smaller locations much better.

People also moved towards shops like IKEA, which offer cheaply made products that inexpensive.  Ezmod offers high quality modern classic furniture that is inexpensive, a combination many people are searching for.

Baby Boomers are moving towards “disposable” furniture since they are headed into retirement, and their children want quality furniture that an inexpensive price.  The days of our grandparents heading to the department store for a couch are pretty much at an end.

Large retailers are also starting to catch on, such as Target, Walmart and Costco, although they are still not offering the kind of quality that will given consumers long lasting modern classic furniture.  Unfortunately, people’s wallets are turning them towards cheaply made products instead of quality furniture that is inexpensive. 

At Ezmod Furniture, our modern classic furniture comes in a variety of colors, designs, fabrics and materials, giving you an endless supply of home furnishings.  Whether you are a college graduate putting together your first apartment or a new homeowner filling your first house, Ezmod has exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

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Design Ideas for First Time Home Buyers

Apr 30, 2010 11:28:51 AM

In spite of the serious financial challenges that exist in our current economy, people are finding greats deals on buying homes.  With interest rates on mortgages at historic lows and housing prices hitting rock bottom, people are taking the plunge and plunking down large sums of money to buy their first home.  However, once you own the home, it becomes time to start filling the house with the kind of modern classic furniture that fits your lifestyle.  Home prices might be low, but the total costs involved in buying a home can be outrageous.  As a result, finding ways to save money on other items, such as house wares, paint and modern classic furniture, is absolutely necessary.

Tight Budget = Open Doors

While a tight budget can be difficult, it actually opens the doors to your true creativity.  Instead of just throwing money at overly expensive couches, you will be forced to search for good deals, quality furniture and new outlets for your style.  For example, Ezmod Furniture has an amazing collection of modern classic furniture at unbeatable prices.  A new home is a blank canvas, making it necessary that the buyer have unlimited creativity rather than a huge budget.

First time homebuyers are looking for great deals that provide great value.  You can buy cheap furniture anywhere, but getting value for the money, especially on modern classic furniture, is the main goal of any homeowner.  Usually, a new home buyer has to buy all new furniture, or at least a great deal of new furniture to go along with what they already have.  With department store prices and furniture store prices often quite high, getting a great deal on quality furniture is a huge blessing to many first time homeowners.

So, for any family buying their first home, getting quality modern classic furniture that is right for you involves research, measuring your new home, looking at color schemes, etc.  Preparation is key, because all your furniture should blend well, at least within each respective room.  Going to Ezmod Furniture’s website, learning what each items costs and then trying to envision how it will all play together in each room can help guide your buying process.

If you are looking to purchase modern classic furniture for your new home, go to and look through our extension collection.  We have the furniture you need for your home.

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Modern Classic Design

Apr 23, 2010 4:54:06 PM

If you are interested in modern classic furniture that clearly demonstrates a modern approach as well as classic style, you could wind up spending thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.  Large department stores, furniture stores with national chains and other even foreign designers sell their modern classic furniture at prices that are through the roof.  Even online furniture stores are selling their items at prices that are simply shocking.  For the average consumer, especially now, this is a vital factor.

Getting furniture with modern style mixed with classic design can be incredibly difficult.  Often times, people think that they have to pay incredible sums of money to get rare items, but this is not necessarily the case with modern classic furniture.  While department stores such as Macy’s and furniture stores such as Ethan Allen charge consumers incredible prices, Ezmod Furniture provides a great selection of high quality modern classic furniture at a great price.  Other online furniture retailers offer similar items, but their prices are sometimes two and three times what Ezmod charges for their selection.

For example, take the Nelson Style Bench in black.  The Nelson Style Bench is sold for upwards of $350 at some of our competitors’ sites, which is about the list price.  However, Ezmod Furniture sells the Nelson Style Bench for just $209!  That’s a savings of around 40 percent! Same quality, same style, same product for 40 percent less – do you even have to think twice about that?

Another great example is the Noguchi Style Coffee Table.  A competitor site has it listed at $419.  In fact, this particular competitor has it listed as marked down from $840.  However, at Ezmod, we are offering the Tribeca Coffee Table (another name for the Noguchi Style table) for just $360.  That’s another savings of almost 15 percent.  Saving this kind of money saves consumers enough money to keep some money in their pockets, use it for other bills or even use it to purchase more modern classic furniture. 

If you or someone you know needs high quality modern classic furniture, check out the selection available at Ezmod Furniture.  We have a great selection, an easy to use website and some of the best items for any room of your home.

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