At Ezmod Furniture, we hope to educate our customers as well as provide them with an excellent selection of modern classic furniture.  Today’s post really has quite a bit of information on the history and philosophy behind the world of modern furniture, as well as how it all evolved into the designs we see today.

Since the earliest part of the twentieth century, various philosophies have existed that surround modern classic furniture and how to furnish a modern home.  Some individuals have targeted truly modern furniture with designs that are both cutting edge and a little strange at the same time.  Others go for more classic furniture; however, the challenges there include a limited number of styles and a color palate that can be boring for some.

When international style was retooled in the 1920’s and 1930’s, people began to focus on modernization.  Depending upon what your aesthetic tastes are, you can find the proper mix of modern style with classic design.  Modernists began designing furniture in the 20th century who were architects, designers, sculptors and so forth.  These designs were intended to reach new heights in modern living.

Early examples of modern furniture grew out of the excitement of modern materials and commerce that were opening up the minds of designers. Schools such as Bauhaus grew out of the recent European Arts and Crafts movement of that time, which helped motivate designers to explore other creations.  Artist such as Eileen Gray and others followed their own paths and ideas and created a revolution of modern classic furniture design.

Designers such as Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe really brought about a new, international style of modern furniture design which revolutionized the furnishings industry.  International style has come to dominate the fashion world, as well as modern classic furniture.

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