As a relative newbie to some of the various social media sites out there I am now quickly finding that there is a mind boggling amount of information available on the web! For those of us brave enough to venture into this vast, whirling, spectacle of light, color and data there are infinite treasures to be found.  Let’s explore some of the hottest sites burning up the internet today.

Most of us are somewhat familiar with Facebook, the original social media site that started the social ball rolling in the internet world. Twitter is also fast becoming as popular as Facebook due to the quick and shorter posts for those who believe less is more when it comes to sharing information. Both of these sites offer a way for us to reach out and connect with others instantly around the world! As a recent transplant from the East coast to the West coast I love Facebook because it brings my family and friends as close as a click on my phone to peek in and see what they doing every day!

To pin or not to pin that is the question. The answer? Yes!! Pin now and pin often, that's my motto. My new favorite obsession, Pinterest! Loosely translated as “pin your interests”. This hugely  popular site not only helps you find information on things you love, it also collects your internet favorites such as a yummy recipe you want to try, a cool pair of shoes to buy or a that gorgeous new sofa that you are wanting for the living room.  Then with just a click or pin (as in Pinterest :), saves them for you on your own personal boards that you can then share with others. I am currently pinning to vegetable gardens, desserts and kids crafts! Pinterest also has millions of ideas shared by other Pinners. Houzz is another great resource for finding all things design related. This site is chock full of pictures and ideas on how and what to do with your space. Everything from laundry rooms to wine cellars! You can get advice, find local designers and contractors, share photos in an idea book or look at what others are doing with their space. Both sites also offer a marketplace where if you see a product you like you can click and purchase items right on the site.  We will be adding EZmod furniture to these sites marketplace pages soon. I hope this helps give you some inspiration to venture out into the exciting and informative wide, wide, wide web.  

Ezmod Furniture is proud to have pages on Pinterest and Houzz as well as Facebook and Twitter, so please look us up and follow us! My question to you is what is your favorite social network and why? Have a great weekend and remember to keep it EZ! Truly, Kristin M