There are few furniture designers that impact the industry as much as LeCorbusier has. This Swiss-French designer is responsible for some of the most famous and successful modern classic furniture designs. His work is easily distinguishable from the pack and focuses heavily on the principles of architecture that he learned from several architects. LeCorbusier is truly one of the pioneers of modern classic furniture designs and his work continues to be successful throughout the world. Here are some of his most enduring and well known contributions to the modern classic furniture world.

The LeCorbusier Chaise Lounge Chair is one of the greatest designs by LeCorbusier; it is the perfect balance between looks and comfort. The sleek design of this leather chaise lounge chair makes it the perfect addition to any room and its comfortable foam fill seating makes it ideal to rest on whenever it is needed. This modern classic furniture design, LeCorbusier’s best known and most successful, is also available in soft, genuine pony hide for added comfort and luxury. This chair is fully adjustable so that you can decide the angle in which you prefer the lounge chair to be, this feature ensures you of the greatest comfort possible. The wave design of this chaise chair makes it extremely comfortable and ergonomic so that you can rest comfortably for extended periods of time.

Next, we have the large selection of petite sofas, loveseats and chairs that LeCorbusier made famous worldwide. These modern classic furniture pieces feature tubular steel frames and are made out of leather and leather match. These pieces feature an edgy, modern design that is sure to enhance any room or office that they are placed in. Whether you purchase a sofa, loveseat or chair, you are sure to be pleased by the extensive detail and comfort offered by these options.

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