Rated as one of the most significant French designers of the 20th century, Paulin, like many furniture designers, came from a sculptural background.

Born in Paris in 1927, he studied stone carving and clay modelling at the École Camondo before working at Thonet in 1954. Here he designed a range of desks, chairs and cabinets which exhibited a functional minimalism similar to the work of Florence Knoll. In 1958, he began designing for Dutch company Artifort and the relationship continued throughout his working life. His discovery of the sculptural possibilities of upholstered furniture blossomed through the 1960s, when he developed a series of chairs with an inner structure of steel tubing, covered in foam and fabric.

Here at EzMod, we are happy to carry a replica of Pierre Paulin’s most famous chair!

Designed by Pierre Paulin in the early 1960's, the Orange Slice is a timeless icon that looks as fresh and inspired today as it did when it was first created. Anyone who sees several Slice chairs together cannot fail to be touched by the playfulness for the composition. From different visual angles, the Orange Slice shows several stages of 'curl up'. In fact, the chair seems to change shape every time you look at it. We offer this chair on a custom basis only, you can pick any color you like under the swatch tab. Can take up to 8-12 weeks but is worth the wait! Contact a customer representative to order yours today!